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this is only a test on a project i started here's more info!

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Posted by Sketchy 28th August, 2009

I think I must be missing something (either that, or this game is impossible) - I always run out of fuel really quickly.

I picked up a fuel powerup, which helped a bit.
I also tried landing at a flag (is that the idea?) but it didn't seem to give me any extra fuel.
Posted by PotatoCannon 28th August, 2009

yeah i know the fuel is running out quickly but... you can go throu the levels only if you takes fuel its very hard ... no the flag is not an ''extra fuel powerup''... its only whit the backround
Posted by Sketchy 28th August, 2009

Sorry, but I don't buy that.

My guess, is that you've made the fuel consumption using an "every <time>" event, and the movement using an "always" event (or built-in movement), or something like that.

My old computer probably can't maintain the ideal framerate while scrolling the screen, so the helicopter moves slower than it should, but the fuel level keeps going down at the normal speed - making it unplayable.

Try ticking the "machine-independent speed" box if you haven't already, and read this:
Posted by PotatoCannon 29th August, 2009

ok i can see what i can do...
Posted by Marko 31st August, 2009
Rated :

It was okay; the graphics were not good, but fitted the game well. The gameplay was alright and acually playable, but dying was a pain as you had to keep going back to the menu and had to watch the helicopter take off again - this got a little tedious after the first time and put me off playing the game sooner than it should have.
Posted by PotatoCannon 16th October, 2009

ok i realized that now





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