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ski star
Author: PotatoCannon Submitted: 17th June, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 50

Edited By .:superpower1:. on 6/17/2010

Edited By .:superpower1:. on 6/17/2010

Edited By .:superpower1:. on 6/17/2010

yay i made the game ski star like a year ago i think it's a pretty nice game, and the best game i made since i was a newbie = i have like 50 of games that i never completed but this game is! so have fun!

you are skiing somewere and you dont wanna die! so you must avoid things trees,stones, other persons that is skiing.

controlls: arrow keys to move
z to grind
y to do a trick when you jump


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Posted by Oveliuz Meliuz 23rd June, 2010

It's pretty cool Wierd load/save system ^^

Posted by PotatoCannon 27th June, 2010

haha thx yeah i made this game a long time ago and i didn't know so much
Posted by Marko 18th October, 2010

The link doesn't seem to work...
Posted by PotatoCannon 27th October, 2010

Huh!? I check wen i get home. Im on the buss right now.





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