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Helicopter Forest!!!
Author: PotatoCannon Submitted: 25th July, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 44

Edited By .:superpower1:. on 7/25/2010

Edited By .:superpower1:. on 7/25/2010

yay a very long time ago when i was new... i made a game: helicopter... and then a while ago i was playing it and wanted to do it much better...
so now is it done!!!!!

On the game are you a helicopter that must land on the other side to come to the next level... there are some obstacles birds, boxes, laser etc...


the game have no story... we can call it a simple pussle game

the controlls are :

move :arrow keys
take stone :space
drop stone :ctrl

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Posted by Jon C-B 26th July, 2010

Well this has certainly come a long way. Heres a list of things i noticed:
-You don't lose a life when you get hit
-I like the getting hit sound effect
-I dont know why you have spiked blocks and normal blocks since they both kill you
-The controls were good, i never felt like the helicopter was too floaty or anything
-It might have been nice to have an indicator that says how many coins there are left to get
-It might be nice to keep the coins you get and not have to get them again when you die
-ohhhh my bad, im posting these as im playing, i didnt know that you start to lose lives at a certain level
-I dont think its a good idea to have a black background and black in the helicopter, since you cant ever really see it
-The saving system works, im interested at how you did that

Thats about it. Good job!
Posted by PotatoCannon 27th July, 2010

first of all... i was going to make like tut levels and thats why you didnt loose lives... but later you can loose lives... haha the save system is so funny i can take a picture of the events btw thx and it's always good to hear whats bad =





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