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Author: David Newton (DavidN) Submitted: 6th March, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 159

Gravqx (make up a pronounciation for yourself) was written while the Flash exporter was being tested, to try out some maths, collision and online capabilties.

It's a sort of skill/racing type game - the object is to guide your improbably fragile ship around courses as fast as possible, working with and against the force of gravity, without hitting the walls and blowing to pieces. Best times are recorded, and Javascript needs to be on to post to them.

Hold the mouse button anywhere on the screen to thrust in the direction of the cursor - the amount you move is dependent on the distance from the cursor to the ship as well as the angle. I've tried to coach other testers into going slowly at first and building up to higher speeds later on, but as it turns out I'm apparently the only person on earth who's able to control it, here's some video evidence that it's possible to move around smoothly:

Unfortunately another thing I was testing with this game was the ability to add adverts on to the preloader, so I suppose it will also serve as a test for how badly people react to advertising in Flash games. Still, it pays for some hosting ($0.04 per billion players or thereabouts).

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Posted by Bricnic 7th March, 2010
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Fun game
Posted by MJK 7th March, 2010
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Very nice game. Currently #1 in Mercury. I gave my comments already on the CT forums, but anyway, it would be even better if the player would see a bit more of the track at once to give more time to prepare for the next corner. Programming, presentation and high score system = top notch.
Posted by UrbanMonk 7th March, 2010
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This is flash eh?

Run's perfect on my machine.
Posted by Marko 7th March, 2010

Bloody hard..... but bloody good! I'll rate when i've played enough to get a good idea of how good this game really is
Posted by nim 8th March, 2010

I feel that you could have added some simple things that would have made this much more enjoyable. I quite like the concept, but I'd have made some changes before asking anyone to spend their time playing it. You could have turned this into quite an enjoyable game if you had eased the player into the controls with a tutorial or boundless arena to practice in.

On the plus side, it's not a crappy "Made with Multimedia Fusion" Flash game, of which we'll undoubtedly see thousands of within weeks - the presentation is very nice and it's a good advertisement for the Flash plugin.
Comment edited by nim on 3/8/2010
Posted by Fordom 8th March, 2010
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Jupiter was the level i found the easyest
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 8th March, 2010

Thing is, the Mercury and Uranus tracks were meant to be exactly that, 'tutorial' areas that were wide tracks that were supposed to be easy to get round - I think I just vastly overestimated the easiness of the controls! Gauging difficulty is something I've always found hard, and in a game like this where fighting the controls is most of the point, that might have resulted in throwing players in too deep too quickly...

Nevertheless, glad that you're enjoying it - thanks for all other comments, too! - and that you think it's a competent Flash advert. I hope to see many more of them come out of TDC soon
Posted by Bricnic 10th March, 2010
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I have all the records But most of them will be easy to beat. Once you start trying to play quite competitively, you'll realise it is really annoying how if you move the mouse out of the game boundaries, the cursor no longer follows the mouse. I wrote a small program to constrain the mouse within the window, which makes it a bit easier since you can quickly jerk the mouse in any direction without the cursor freezing up. It would be cool if you could constrain the mouse within the actual app itself, but I understand this is probably a limitation of the flash export (I take it the Mouse object isn't ported yet?). See if you can beat my 09.98 lap time on Mercury





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