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Santa Doesn't Love You
Author: HorrendousGames Submitted: 25th December, 2010 Favourites:2
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 74

Edited By HorrendousGames on 12/25/2010

This is my entry for the 2010 Christmas Competition.

Santa has been usurped by an evil impostor! On top of that, he's giving all the kids terrible presents! It's up to you to stop him by chucking snowballs and setting off traps, and who knows, maybe he'll drop something good!

Find all the traps (there is, at least, one trap per room) and figure out how they work, and unlock all 18 presents, which will also gain you some awesome unlockables and cheats!

Featuring music by the legendary Jon Powell.

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Posted by MasterM 26th December, 2010

this looks interesting. shame the screenshots don't show up.
Posted by HorrendousGames 26th December, 2010

They do when you click on them... but yeah I agree, it's pretty lame.
Posted by MasterM 26th December, 2010

i think the game is fun. i like the presentation and animations. ive to admit i wasnt exactly sure what EVERYTHING was supposed to be / couldn't figure out your graphics and I was a bit annoyed I couldnt interact with them because some items just looked perfect for interaction. like the toolbox which could fall on him but it doesnt. i guess that stuff just tricks you and is supposed to make you believe they might be useful while they are not because if you can click on everything i guess its kinda easy. so overall its a fun idea and a new concept. what really BUGGED ME is the fact I beat all 3 levels and the game wasnt like: WOOPDIE you won!
it was just like nothing happened and i was even wondering if there was a level 4 and i was just missing out on something but i guess there are only 3 levels. so really you should add some YOU WON - SANTA DIED screen or something.
Posted by MasterM 26th December, 2010

oh yeh what i wanted to know: level 3 that weird violet triangle shaped object under the stairs. whats that supposed to be? i first thought its some kind of cannon.
Posted by HorrendousGames 26th December, 2010

If you open up the presents menu and click on some of the presents, some of the story elements are in there, you should already have the bad ending (you get that with the lifetime supply of mozzarella present), you'll need to unlock a certain present to get the good ending. I vaguely mentioned how to get all the presents in the tutorial, and of course if you really need help finding out what you can interact with, turn on the hints in the options menu.

That violet thing... I forget, it's either a bookshelf or some sort of shelf thing that's facing away from the camera. I'm surprised, you're the second person to ask about that, but no one asked what the thing in the sports room was. Those were the "I'm tired or working on this, let's just be done" assets.

As far as the story goes, I wanted to do more with it, but I just didn't have the time. The traps and backdrops took up more time than I wanted to, but I think they turned out great.

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for taking the time to enjoy it.
Posted by Mark McCauley 27th December, 2010
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I Liked IT. good work there
Posted by Wackyjackie 27th December, 2010
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Very nice game! (better than mine )
The only thing that I didn't like is a Santa. His look doesn't fit into other graphics.

Game is addictive and music is just full of pure awesomeness ;D.

Comment edited by Arkhaor on 12/27/2010
Posted by HorrendousGames 27th December, 2010

Hey thanks man! I based my style off of the TV show "Home Movies" (hense why Santa resembles coach McGuirk), of course with my own personal twist to it. It's a hit or miss style, some people like it, and some people hate it.
Posted by Wackyjackie 27th December, 2010
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BTW Did you ever play "Neighbours From Hell" game?
Your game is very similar to it .
Posted by HorrendousGames 27th December, 2010

Nope, I'll have to check it out.





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