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Innocent Luna Game
Author: Dialga-Brite Submitted: 28th December, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 240

Edited By Dialga-Brite on 12/30/2011

Edited By Dialga-Brite on 12/28/2011

Edited By Dialga-Brite on 12/28/2011

This is a platform game made with MMF2 where you are Princess Luna (My Little Pony).
You may or may not know, but there's this creepy series out there where you are Luna, there's not much in the way of game mechanics and you always die a horrible death in the end.
Well this is different, I'm making something innocent. And it also has enemies, bosses, etc, its a traditional platform game to play!
It does have some references to the creepy series though, just for fun. Same Luna graphics too, they originally came from a program called "Desktop Ponies". I think those sprites are just adorable.
The game has crossovers with other things like Whale Wars, Pokemon, Digimon, to name a few. Also a movie called "Minor Details" and a metroid level where the metroids actually suck on you. Then Ridley is a boss and he has the ability to pick you up like in Metroid Fusion.
I'm almost done the main story, the different things, like the whalers and the Pokemon going mad, are going to be tied together as being caused by Discord's chaos. I just have to finish making the final chapter. I've started, but its not in the download yet. I've also changed the Apollomon/Dianamon fights to be less annoying, but the download doesn't include that yet either.


facebook page:!/InnocentLunaGame

my youtube (also contains video coverage):

This game is a DEMO. Feel free to discuss it in the projects section, I hope submitting it to both isn't seen as spam.

I'm not here for any kinda harsh critisism, whether it be about graphics, any kind of of quality, or subject matter ("ewww you used girly stuff and My Little Pony", etc). Only here to happily share my games.

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