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Author: Dialga-Brite Submitted: 22nd January, 2012 Favourites:0
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This game is about the show "WordGirl". She's a character on the PBS kids channel. Its an educational kids show but its really funny. Not as popular as the whole brony thing, but its got a strong following of older people nonetheless.
She's a 10 year old super hero, and she fights villains like "The Butcher" "Dr. Two-Brains" and "Lady Redundant Woman".

As for gameplay its similar to my "Minor Details" and "Sanaki's Quest" games. That whole arcade maze thing where you pick stuff up like Pac-Man - in this case letters. Except this game also has a twist. There's a word to spell on each level and if you manage to get the letters in the correct order, you get points and an extra life. It also records which words you've got at least once.
All the bosses and their attacks in this game are canon to the show!

This game is NOT finished, and I probably won't work on it anymore. Enjoy it though, I loved it a lot!

There is also a two player mode wtih both cooperative (P2 = Huggy) or vs mode (P2 = Tobey). It only has upto level 11 though. And also, boss levels are skipped in versus mode.

There is voice acting in this game, but not for all the levels and not for all the characters.

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Posted by Carnivorous id 23rd January, 2012

OMG! Word up it's WordGirl! Guilty pleasure indeed.
Comment edited by Carnivorous id on 1/23/2012
Posted by Dialga-Brite 24th January, 2012

glad you like
It feels good to find people who like the same thing(s) as me






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