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Meloetta: Melody of Discord
Author: Dialga-Brite Submitted: 28th December, 2011 Favourites:1
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This is a scrolling action game where you are Meloetta (a Pokemon). You move freely around the screen and/or through the air, even if the graphics look platform-ish like in my Luna game. She sings at her enemies. You gotta collect music notes to fill your special meter in order to unleash a special song attack!

This has megaman-esque unlockable weapons. It's also true to pokemon with the megaman style weaknesses/resistance, and it also has immunities (poison vs steel) and status effetcs. For example, Kaa can put you to sleep, then wrap you. The whaling ships from "Whale Wars" can confuse you with their LRADs.

You buy the weapons with heart note items. You get them by beating bosses and by getting an S-rank on a stage (kill all enemies and get all the music notes).

In addition to using the regular notes for the special attack, they are also a currency as well. There's an extras gallery (right now its only a bunch of pictures).

Playable characters:
Meloetta (8-directions)
Miku (Platform movement object)
Pinkie Pie (PMO)
SplashWoman (8 directions)

Playable bonus characters:
Tekki (PMO)
Phosphora (8 directions)
Princess Luna (PMO)
Mikuru (PMO)
Homura (PMO)


facebook page:!/pages/Meloetta-scrolling-action-game/144247999019046

my youtube:

This game is complete now, but I'm still open to adding more bonus content. Feel free to discuss it in the projects section.

I'm not here for any kinda harsh critisism, whether it be about graphics, any kind of of quality, or subject matter. Only here to happily share my games.

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Posted by Fish20 4th January, 2012
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I thought it was kinda fun.
Posted by Dialga-Brite 4th January, 2012






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