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Snuggle Children
Author: Dialga-Brite Submitted: 22nd January, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 169

Edited By Dialga-Brite on 1/22/2012

This is something I made YEARS ago, with Game Maker, back when I was actually still using Game Maker!

This is a turn based RPG, with a strong theme of innocence but with battles nonetheless. Although this game is incomplete, it has many things to it. It has a fully made battle system with several attack and heal spells, plus burn, poison, and sleep spells that actually work. It has a Beastiary (a “pokedex” of defeated monsters) which actually works. It has exp and leveling up like any rpg should, and some spells aren’t learned until certain levels. It also has ways of upgrading characters’ powers (look for a pokeball in town or a dress at the inn). There’s also a battle tutorial at the beginning of the game. Although this game has several bosses, the storyline aspect of this game is what is the least complete. I mainly abandoned it because the game’s file size was becoming too large for me to handle, and making it was extremely tough. Press Control to bring up the menu on the field.

Despite never having finished it, it is probably one of my most cherished GM creations, to me I mean.
Because I was on an extreme creativity spell. It included all of the following things which I always suck at doing:
- Increasing the difficulty as the game progresses
- putting decorative graphics in the background so it doesnt look bland
These are things I totally suck at in Rpg Maker! And quite honestly, the very fact that I was able to code an actual turn-based battle system in something OTHER than Rpg Maker... I couldn't understand how I managed to do it!

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