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Author: Saurum Company Submitted: 26th December, 2012 Favourites:0
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Token is a retro game created by Saurum Company in november 2011 in beta-version 1.3. Till that time, Token was updating a lot. After a time here appeared final boss, 2-player vs. mode, destroyable walls, 25 levels, a lot of power-ups and weapons and much, much more. For more info about updates go here -,3

How to play:

You move with arrow keys and shot your current projectiles with space, or sometimes with A,S,D,W - more about controlls in the game while pressing F1. Token has to kill monsters that come out of blue pipe(or gray one in late levels). When he kills one, he will get some points, depending on the type of monster. When he will reach the current needed ammount, the gate will open and he has to go there.
The game has also a survival and multiplayer mode. In the survival one, you can try to reach the highest score and in multiplayer you fight with your friend(Controls - A,S,D,W, shot Q).
When you finish the game, a new mode occurs.

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