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Author: Saurum Company Submitted: 5th May, 2013 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 134

In this game, you play as a medival knight named Knightelus, who has been a popular hero in his town. His popularity disturbed the king, who owned the town, so he kidnapped Knightelus and locked him in his castle. He made the cityzens think that Knightelus is dead, but meanwhile, he escaped from his cell. But then he discovered, that the castle is occupied by dangerous robots, that have to keep him in it - thankfully, Knightelus has one useful ability - he can shoot!

Help Knightelus exit the castle and get the king to prison! Open seven gates, defeat boss and miniboss and release the truth - play Knightelus!

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Posted by s-m-r 20th May, 2013
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Finished this cute game a bit less than an hour. The level layout was nice: not too sprawling, but not compact or cramped. Ammo shortage was a problem, particularly after facing the miniboss, but I skillfully made it through and beat the boss.

Nice work! I found that it's possible to jump off a wall by turning away and then pressing jump again while adjacent to it. Not sure if wall-jumping was an added feature or just a side-effect of your engine, so I felt it was worth mentioning. Even if unintentional, it at least doesn't take away from the game, nor does it let the player have access to areas that would be off-limits (the gates do that).

Again: good work...Looking forward to seeing your team grow and improve as you release more projects!
Posted by Yai7 10th June, 2013
Rated :

And you call this piece of shit a game.





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