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Grass Cutter
Author: Saurum Company Submitted: 23rd March, 2013 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 153

We created this simple game with a simple name to remind us classical 8-bit puzzle games from 80's on which this one is based on. You play as red circle(s) and you have to mow the entire lawn and not to being eaten by strange octopuses or being crashed in a wall. When tall grass won't be there, yellow gates will open and you could collect your reward(what would transport you to the next mission, too).

Story: On the far east, people have problems with mowing their lawns - grass grows here much more than elsewhere! If they won't find any good solution, they'll cut grass till death! Luckilly, this solution was found - scientists bred a new kind of animal - Grass Cutters! Creature that loves to eat grass too much, that it does it much more than any other kind of animal! And now it's your turn - try to live their life! Try to avoid hungry octopuses, that parasitize on people's gardens or hard brick walls! Try that and your owner will reward you with big bowl of Grass-Cutter-Crisps!

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