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Odd Adventure of Yellow Fellow
Author: Saurum Company Submitted: 1st March, 2014 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 57

Edited By Saurum Company on 3/1/2014

We decided it would be good to create a rage game... so we did! OAOYF features a young yellow man, who went to buy a pack of nachos, but something bad happenned. Now, he's in some sort of a cave and seeks any possible way out. What he discovers is very strange.

Try to beat this super-hard game, that will possibly make your mad, as it made our tester. It will also make you laugh, but only if you aren't angry enough from what preceeds these funny moments. The game was inspired by 'Marshmellow Adventure 2' from Thenewthe and 'I Wanna Be the Guy' by Boshi. Dont forget to rate and comment!

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 (3.1 mkb )

Posted by Akai_R 5th March, 2014

Addictive and annoying!
Posted by Saurum Company 7th March, 2014

How far did you get?
Posted by Akai_R 8th March, 2014

Not far at all! Second room i think... I will have a go again soon, and try not to rage quit
Posted by Saurum Company 9th March, 2014

Posted by Fish20 19th March, 2014
Rated :

I liked the presentation music and the gameplay. I felt scared in this game just walking around. It reminded me of Adventures of Lolo and was sorta nostalgic feeling. The graphics are lacking big time, no walk animation and The beginning area looked very blurry and I couldn't guess what was going on. The rooms themselves looked okay. You should also check the collision detection on the right side. Sometimes Yellow Fellow got stuck only on the right side.

Anyway, it was fun while it lasted (I got up to the big maze part where the balls corner you at the bottom, can't figure out how to beat it.)
Posted by Saurum Company 22nd March, 2014

Well thank you, I'll try to make something with the bugs.

And you have to go to the very bottom at the room you can't beat to active the bottom ball. Then you can return to pick the crystal(or diamond, call it whatever you want), but don't go to the very right, then, the second ball won't be ever activated and you can finish it.
Posted by Airflow 31st March, 2014

This taught me my disfavor towards rage games.





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