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Srututu-Forgotten Foe (Full Game)
Author: DesertFox Submitted: 28th March, 2013 Favourites:1
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 120

Board game sounds like a boring static game where the die results are more important than player skills. But .. Are you sure? The board may be a reflection of the vibrant world where the player can perform multiple actions and choices. Everything depends on the character classes, skills, and items that you select. You can fight in the arena to earn some money and experience or you can search for the job in the mill. Create your own weapons and sell themin the city. Work in the mine to extract some gems and gold. Fight against hundreds of enemies and collect herbs to heal yourself. Bail your friend out of prison. Use a broom to clean up the abandoned house and rest there. Steal money and prey to Gods for forgivness. Just choose nine skills to create your character. Choose them wisely, because a lot of challenges awaits you. This is a short description of the game Srututu-Forgotten Foe.

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Posted by s-m-r 4th April, 2013
Rated :

I've been digging in to this a little at a time throughout the week. It seems HUGE, and has been a lot of fun, visiting different locations, finding random items, and seeing more monsters.

And yeah, the challenge bar seems quite high, so those looking for some serious accomplishment at a more leisurely pace will be rewarded.

I've barely scratched the surface of Forgotten Foe, but I intend on checking it out a lot more.

Nice work!
Posted by DesertFox 8th April, 2013

There was a very big error in the game. When a player earned 51,91 or 92 stars game caused the error. It's fixed now. Just download new version.

I'm really sorry for that.

Thank you s-m-r for your opinion. It's very valuable for me.

Posted by s-m-r 4th June, 2013
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Wow...I've come back to this game and play when I can. Still very impressed with the depth and different paths available to the player. Even though you move over the same squares time and time again, the challenge steps up accordingly and there are new options available depending on the skills you've selected and different quests you've accepted.

REALLY nice job with this game, DesertFox...!





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