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Edited By MonadoBoy64 on 29/04/2021

Inoculation is an arcade shooter where you are vaccinating people with the COVID-19 Vaccine and your main goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible and avoid vaccinating people who have already have been Vaccinated. This game was made for a midterm for my Professional Development for Digital Media class at Valencia College.


Left Mouse Button: Vaccinate

Mouse: Move Cursor

Spacebar: Pause

Enter: Skip Intro and Game Over Sequences

I hope you enjoy Inoculation and I hope you look forward to my future games and don't forget to comment and review!

Update Version 1.1: Added a Hard Mode where you only have one life instead of the three lives you have in the Normal Mode.

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Posted by Yai7 23rd June, 2021

Posted by Tomssuli 29th July, 2021

Ok idea and good walking animations.
The game was too easy and slow paced though. After I found out you should avoid the people with bandages it was just waiting and clicking once in a while.

Maybe there could be more people on the screen at once so it would get more busy the longer you play... and some punishment if someone got out unvaccinated.

Also, there were situations when only a persons head would be visible, so I couldn't know if he had a bandage.
Posted by MonadoBoy64 31st July, 2021

Thanks for the constructive criticism, I really appreciate it and I'll take it into consideration when I make another game like Inoculation! On the subject of people only showing their heads, the reason why some people show up like that is because of how I design the spawning system. Basically, the spawning system in Inoculation is a bunch of active objects placed off-screen and every few seconds one is randomly selected to create a person which increases in frequency as the game goes on and that person has bouncy ball movement which means it randomly selects a direction to go in and it's only changed if the person collides will something. So occasionally the spawn system will pick an active object on the bottom left or bottom right and the person will go left or right. Causing situations where the person would only show their head when their whole body is off-screen.

Here's an image it helps explain how the spawn system looks like:






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