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GOTW#98 - Kaiser Kitty
News posted 26th July, 2004 by The Chris Street  
Firstly, sorry for the late GOTW. It was my 21st birthday on Saturday, and I've been attending a series of family engagements for everyone who wants to get a piece of the birthday boy... anyway, moving on... congratulations to Radix, for his game Kaiser Kitty, which, this time, won GOTW! Good work dude

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - Moon Minions, HeXed, Tribute To Moon Strike, ShenSonic, Soccer Pong, and Towers of Hanoi. So, once again, plenty of choice for everyone. And once again, choose carefully!

Eventful Moments Of This Past Week:

  • Kobra posting a "this game suxs" picture/comment under the Junkyard Apocalypse comments section - not the brightest thing to do (thanks to a DC member for letting me know about this act of stupidity)
  • My birthday! (hence the late GOTW)
  • What would you do if you were a donut? Mr IceKirby questions whether you'd eat yourself. More HERE
  • A nice article about the concepts of external files - and technobabble - was posted by Unknow.More HERE

  • Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 26th July, 2004

    Happy birthday for the other day, dude!
    Posted by Radix 26th July, 2004

    Posted by Nioreh 26th July, 2004

    Happy birthday man! Oh, and too bad I didn't get Towers of Hanoi 2 up before you posted this. :P
    Posted by ChrisB 26th July, 2004

    Happy Birthday, now give us all dc points to celebrate kthx
    Posted by Muggus 26th July, 2004

    Happy Birthday! You'd better have celebrated it in style...OR ELSE!!!
    Posted by GoMoogles 26th July, 2004

    Happy Birthday! 21st birthdays kick ass! ;) It looks it's gonna be close this week.... *prays* that HeXeD can beat out Moon Minions...
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 26th July, 2004

    Happy B-Day Circx. Now give us MSD2 as a present. :P
    Posted by Silveraura 26th July, 2004

    Happy Birthday! Voting for Moon Minions. :-D (Sorry Mike ;-))
    Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 26th July, 2004

    Well done to you, Radix! It's high time I got around to actually playing this.
    Posted by Mr Icekirby 26th July, 2004

    hey happy birthday! i never thought my topic on the donut would spark so much interest to make it to the front page though
    Posted by Jamesbuc 31st July, 2004

    Why isnt any of my new submissions in GOTW??? Oh well. lol I doubted they would be in anyway.


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