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GOTW #101 - The Candidates!
News posted 4th September, 2004 by The Chris Street  
So yes, as mentioned further down, Eternal Daughter was the Ultimate GOTW. Now we can get things back to normal, by starting afresh! There were a lot of games submitted during the last month, so I'm only going to pick the best of them - aka, the ones that made the front page since GOTW #99

This Weeks Entrants -

Jungle Survivor
Penguin Power: Ice Olympics
Cruentus: Time Slayer
Tango Strike
Worms Breakout
Follow Da Leader

Eventful Moments Of The Last Week

  • Clubsoft finally added an IP search for us admins at TDC. This means we can now detect those who have made multiple (and fake) accounts - and we can get rid of them. Huzzah!
  • Kjarom submitted a working StarFox engine! I was quite excited, until I downloaded it, and, er... oh.
  • Batel of Neonair has started an avatar removal campaign. Click here to find out more...
  • A campaign was launched in the forums to bring back "Eventful Moments"... - Well, you've got your wish, Jamesbuc!
  • A little thing called the Click Convention took place last weekend. In Paris. The blackguards! Still, next years convention is likely to take place back in Blighty. Whereabouts, though? We'll have to wait and see. Until that decision is made, a report has been written on the features that MMF2 has/will have. Go to the Click Convention website to find out more.

  • Posted by Radix 4th September, 2004

    Oh gee, there's a puzzle. Just give Tango Strike the GOTW and we'll vote on which admin would win in a fight.
    Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 4th September, 2004

    PPIO ownzz all the others!
    Posted by X_Sheep 4th September, 2004

    Same here!zz
    Posted by The Chris Street 4th September, 2004

    Well, anyone with dynamic IPs will be able to escape. Most people here have static IPs though :)
    Posted by AsparagusTrevor 4th September, 2004

    Well, they can find out exactly where the previous IP address was transmitted from, and then send a hitman round to their house. Obviously for a first offence it would just involve finger removal or kneecapping or something, but for a second offence the punishment may involve some kind of dry sodomy followed by an execution style shooting to the head.
    Posted by asdas 4th September, 2004

    err.. just to defend myself :P the name creation was bugged when i tried to.. and this was the only thing that worked :D.. im not scared though, i do not have multiple accounts :)
    Posted by Joshtek 4th September, 2004

    Noooo: My secret identify of Joshtek[with_glasses] is ruined - and I thought something so simple would fool you all!
    Posted by Jamesbuc 4th September, 2004

    Yay I got It back :) and I got a mention. whoooo!
    Posted by Jamesbuc 4th September, 2004

    ah I see a problem with IP addresses. Dont do it. AOL is a real bugger as far as IP addresses are. Its happend on the Natomic website. Ive NEVER been on it but once I did it said I couldnt. Like I said real bugger.
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 4th September, 2004

    Which admin would win in a fight...sounds like a new poll to me.
    Posted by Joe.H 4th September, 2004

    bout time too! that poll's been up for ages!
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 4th September, 2004

    I'm the KING of stupid faces.
    Posted by Teapot 4th September, 2004

    I agree, that should be the new poll...with photos! It's a hard one though...seeing as they are all uuber nerds.
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 4th September, 2004

    I have a resemblance of a life, even though I work 3 jobs.
    Posted by ChrisB 5th September, 2004

    These polls suck, the answer is obvious. And that poll about transparent colours is stupid as well. NEW POLLS PLEASE!
    Posted by Dr. James MD 5th September, 2004

    ill download Tango Strike someday when theres a version that works. every other week its "new patch redownload now!". it looks quite good too
    Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 5th September, 2004

    What if two people share a computer and each have a different account, like Phizzy and his sister? IP searching will only show that there's two (or more) usernames originating from the same place, not that they're two different people. Your methods are FLAWED! :P By the way, Tango Strike. Enough said.
    Posted by The Chris Street 6th September, 2004

    I dont like Tango Strike that much :|
    Posted by Jamesbuc 6th September, 2004

    I dont either but it looks like its gonna win.
    Posted by ChrisB 6th September, 2004

    My only problem with Tango Strike is that you have to wait for characters to reload when you switch to them.
    Posted by Tigerworks 6th September, 2004

    Tango Strike is a great game, but damn hard (because I'm crap)
    Posted by Radix 6th September, 2004

    I hate the way your guys don't defend themselves when you're playing another character. They just sit there and get shot before you notice what's happening.
    Posted by Zimtower 6th September, 2004

    what if i have two accounts made on the same computer, one is for me and one is for my sister, what will happen with the ip search?
    Posted by 6th September, 2004

    Rounder.. Ye yee !!! (I'm the only one, who vote it ???)
    Posted by Dr. James MD 6th September, 2004

    ha have you noticed the amount of people making adventure/platformers recently? like everyone wants to create the next ED or something.
    Posted by AsparagusTrevor 6th September, 2004

    I couldn't get into Tango Strike cos of the controls. I hate WASD controls for starters, but there were also far too many other buttons to worry about.
    Posted by ChrisB 7th September, 2004

    It also gives you nearby keys to use for reloading and other actions, something that good ol' arrow keys can't.
    Posted by AsparagusTrevor 7th September, 2004

    I've always managed fine with the arrow keys. If you can't fit the necessary controls on the num-pad or Page buttons, then you got too many controls. I know about half the people prefer WASD, I'm just saying it's always better to have an option.
    Posted by 7th September, 2004

    Arrow up,-//- down,-//- left,-//- right are the best keys for games.
    Posted by 7th September, 2004

    Posted by Dr. James MD 8th September, 2004

    i do like my arrow keys :( its the best excersize my reflexes get, jumping around the keyboard like that. WASD is going to kill this theory that "computer games aid hand/eye coordination"


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