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Penguin Power: Icy Olympics
Author: Silveraura Submitted: 31st August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 384

Its finally here, Penguin Power: Icy Olympics is finally released! Now with a load of new additions! There really isnt much to say about the game though exept for, the game is basicly where you try to knock the other person off the ice!

Anyway, here is a list of all the new additions from the pervious Penguin Power games!
-External Levels
-All new Graphics!
-1 Player Mode with 6 diffrent AI difficultys!
-Full blown level editor that lets you design levels just like the levels you find in the game!
-3D Main Graphics & Game Intro!
-Much More!

So basicly now you know whats all in the new game, I would also like to throw out a special thanks to Snerlin!
Regardless of the size, almost everyone who plays it says, other then Diamond, this is one of my best games, & ovious one of my best 2 Player games! So honistly, the size is 100% werth it!

Visit: http:\\ for more infomation about this & other high quality computer games by CassataGames!

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Posted by Dr. James MD 1st September, 2004

ouch! outta my download league sorry. looks kinda good too :)
Posted by DarkMatterX 1st September, 2004

Downloading now.. looks brilliant.. may review later
Posted by amehrban 1st September, 2004

It is an excellent example of what multimedi fusion can do and the game is cool thanks. Download is the award-winning server for personal use.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 1st September, 2004

Oh you suck! I was going to beta test this! XD Anyway, I'm downloading...(and reviewing!) ;)
Posted by X_Sheep 1st September, 2004

Yeh, but I DID beta-test it XD
Posted by Death Reaper X 1st September, 2004

Very cute, great gfx :) Only thing is coz I'm a loner I played the computer, and in easy mode it didn't move, in normal the computer knocked a hole and went out itself lol and in godmode there wasn't even a computer and I somehow won anyway when I went out. I think it might be better if you made it more frantic, like seriously increased the acceleration etc, although it might have just been my comp being a skoda. Nice though! :)
Posted by Lazernaut 1st September, 2004

Well, i liked it for a couple of minutes.. i liked the presentation a lot, but the game itself, i'm sorry to say i think it's boring. Also, at a point the penguins were facing each other pushing, and then all of a sudden i go right through the computer controlled penguin and fall out of the arena :(
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 1st September, 2004

Curse you, Sheep-Boy! Curse you!
Posted by X_Sheep 1st September, 2004

Posted by Silveraura 1st September, 2004

You got a beta test, everyone who signed up & got accepted to the mailling letter did. I'm sure I got you on the mailing list. You also got another mail with the serial code to unlock it. You didnt send any bug reports, not even any reports of no bugs existing, so well... I sent you a notice, you didnt reply, & you didnt get any more betas. There where only 2 official tests though. Tip to help make the game seem more like 1 vs 1 rather then 1 vs PCU! Play 'God' mode on 1 of the fallowing levels: Arena01 Arena03 Arena07 Arena20 Arena22 So far those 5 arenas are the best for AI to seem most human like, rather then an easy 'BugsBunny' type win (flying off the edge by themselfs;-)). BTW, we might be releasing an update to PPIO with even more levels, some of those bugs fixed & attempt to rebuild some of the levels to be more AI friendly. The update will require the original to be installed though because the update will be in patch form rather then making you redownload the entire game to get the updates. ^_^ Also, you may notice some of the levels (1 or 2) may not have been properly tested & 1 or both of the penguins dont appear. This should be fixed in the update, until then you can use the built in level editor & add them yourself, the wonders of a level edidor & external levels. X-D
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 1st September, 2004

nice- like the 3d intro stuff- smooth gameplay as well! :)
Posted by Noyb 1st September, 2004

Suggestions: Thumbnails for the different levels. An actual "Help" menu option. (Granted it's not difficult to divine the controls/concept, but it would help) Faster gameplay. The first match I played against the computer, I lost, because I assumed that the penguin would move immediately upon pressing the up arrow. I tapped it frantically, to no avail. Faster loading, or at least a progress bar in the main game. Did you use fastloop? Option to skip the 3d intro to each level. Option to play the same arena to a set number of points, or a set of levels to a set number of points, and matches to win. (i.e. the boxing game in Super Monkey Ball). Ability to use Alt+F4. The computer shouldn't be able to move before you actually see the level.
Posted by Silveraura 1st September, 2004

Aha, Well alot of the things you said Noyb are very useful, but a few of those are already in works for an update, but I will see what I can do with the level loading, & alot of small bugs such as instently start moving, going through other players, & avoiding the fact that the CPU moves before the level finishes loading. Along with alot more powerups, more levels, & I'll see what I can do about thumbnails for the levels like in the first 2 Penguin Power games. There will also be a full blown story mode & unlockable mini games! :-D
Posted by tysonstrike 1st September, 2004

Posted by tysonstrike 1st September, 2004

Posted by danjo 1st September, 2004

how about a 5000% smaller download as an update
Posted by Silveraura 1st September, 2004

Well the update cant get any smaller then the actual EXE itself, because the EXE itself is what will be having its bug fixes in, so there is nothing I can do about that. Basicly that is the only thing that will make it big, the new levels have a 99% compression ratio so they really dont make a diffrence in the final size which is really nice. ^_^
Posted by Jenswa 2nd September, 2004

Looks ok, but one question: "what did you do to make it this big?"
Posted by X_Sheep 2nd September, 2004

I still want to help out with making the levels smaller, so they'll load faster and don't take up that much space when extracted ;)
Posted by Silveraura 2nd September, 2004

I didnt choose the final size, I wanted high quality music, high quality gameplay, & alot of levels & this is the outcome. Besides its not nearly as big as most games you would find of this quality over the net. Btw, for those with dailup, whent he new update is released, if its released, I'll be making a Lite version, it wont have as much in it, but it will strip atleast 15MB off.
Posted by Teapot 3rd September, 2004

Why isn't this zipped?
Posted by X_Sheep 3rd September, 2004

It's an installer, it's already compressed.
Posted by Jenswa 3rd September, 2004

Smaller is the way to go (i think). Played it today on my 500mhz cpu and it goes like a train! (not) It's pretty slow even loading a simple level takes ages and those cute 'n cut snowflakes make it go real fast. Make the game smaller and faster (optimize is da key!)
Posted by Silveraura 3rd September, 2004

Umm, not sure if u reliese & if you dont, try to zip it yourself. It doesnt zip anymore then it already is, unless its 25kb only because its already as compressed as its going to get in the installer. Btw, if u have 500mhz cpu then something is wrong with ur computer because the game runs perfectly on even 200mhz. Its been tested on a load of PC's with diffrent stats. Computers with as low as 100mhz played it at a reasionble speed, computers with ram around 64 played it well, & PC's with around 5GB left played it well. So why its not working on ur PC I dont know. Like I said, the update will have a Lite version which will make the game smaller & should run better on slower PCs.
Posted by Jenswa 3rd September, 2004

Hmm weird, i have about 384 mb of ram, should be enough, perhaps it's because i am running win98? Lookin' foward to the little version, still i am wondering why it's so big?
Posted by Silveraura 3rd September, 2004

Well accounting the MP3 files being a nice touch to the game, but a bad touch to the size, that will clear size off the small version. Why the EXE is so big, I have no clue. For some reasion MMF's been doing that to be latly. I think the reasion here is because of the 3D intro which again will be taken out of the Lite version or atleast lowered in quality. The game was tested to run perfectly on a 95, as long as the 95 had the memery required, so why it doesnt work on ur Win98, I have no clue. Do you normally have trouble running games made in Multimedia Fusion 1.5?
Posted by Silveraura 3rd September, 2004

A new Lite version of Penguin Power: Icy Olympics was just released, you can find & download this extremly small 3.51MB file in the board! :-D
Posted by Jenswa 4th September, 2004

I'll go lookin' for that and know i've had no problems so far with running mmf1.5 games.
Posted by Silveraura 4th September, 2004

There is a Lite version in the board now. Should run alot better on slower computers & is easyer for dailup users to get.
Posted by ncsoftware 8th September, 2004

Great game, excellent! I'll even vote gotw for it and I haven't done that for a while....





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