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GOTW #173 - The New Satan Sam
News posted 5th March, 2006 by Knudde (Shab)  
Jimmi blew away the competition these last two weeks with his game The New Satan Sam. Congrats for a well deserved victory.

Click here to download the GOTW.

Moving into this weeks GOTW, you have the choices of Ballstorm, Missile Warning, Blokkoland, Hostile Takeover, Developers Notepad (MINI), Russian Roulette, Atomic Arena 2, Aquanoid, and The Computer Maze.

After a short delay, we have ourselves a pretty good week for GOTW.

Posted by Keatontech! 5th March, 2006

TNSS Rules! It won by like 40 votes didn't it?
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 5th March, 2006

It had a total of 54 votes, I believe the next higest was 18.
Posted by X_Sheep 5th March, 2006

No Aquanoid?
Posted by axel 5th March, 2006

A well deserved GOTW. Well done Jimmi, you Apple fanboy
Posted by Bibin 5th March, 2006

Not many good stuffs this week for GOTW...
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 5th March, 2006

I'll add aquanoid, I was using the list I made yesterday.
Posted by AndyUK 5th March, 2006

My game is brilliant. but you need to play it first.
Posted by Bibin 5th March, 2006

Whoa! cool shinyness bars for the GOTW!!!
Posted by Silveraura 6th March, 2006

Looks nice except for the left side looks a little cut off.
Posted by Bibin 6th March, 2006

Yeah, they should be rounded on the left.
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 6th March, 2006

That's the best thing about it! It's a little cut off!
Posted by AndyUK 6th March, 2006

1 vote for my game, and that was me


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