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GOTW #183 - Within A Deep Forest
News posted 27th May, 2006 by The Chris Street  
The winner of the revised GOTW poll is Within A Deep Forest, created by Nicklas_N. Second came Treasure Tower by David Newton.

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - Easter Avenger, Super Mario Quest: Deluxe, Muda Saga, Hop Chop Spin, Frikik, Blast Radius 2, Aquanoid 2, Mineral Miner, thewreck's Black Hole, and Equin Adventures.

Loads of games this time to vote for - in fact, two weeks worth. Vote carefully. By the way, there were more games submitted, but I've chosen to pick the better ones this time.

Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 27th May, 2006

OMG WHAT?! Why isnt shoot peach 2 there it would have Pwned.
Posted by 27th May, 2006

Eh, why cant you vote for the game Gost World?
Posted by The Chris Street 27th May, 2006

"By the way, there were more games submitted, but I've chosen to pick the better ones this time."
Posted by Del Duio 27th May, 2006

What a fine time for Sitesled to act up. I thought they only went down once a month or so?
Posted by Mruqe 27th May, 2006

Congratulations Nicklas. A well deserved GOTW!
I just have to say it again - It's too bad two games cannot win GOTW poll, because Wong's Treasure Tower deserved that title as well...
Posted by morty 27th May, 2006

The next GOTW also seems to be exciting... Many games, and what's more - most of them are really really good, the result will be interesting
Posted by Milo 27th May, 2006

I think the next GOTW is gonna be won by blast radius 2. I mean it has 10 votes already. Well either that or the wreck's blackhole
Posted by Hempuli 28th May, 2006

Why, oh why treasure tower got so few votes ;(

This is also good, but they should be both won.
Posted by Nicklas_N 28th May, 2006

Tresure Tower was amazing! Already completed all levels, and done a few time attacks. I voted for it
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 28th May, 2006

As was WadF - which definitely deserved to win.

Unfortunately the server I hosted my site (and therefore the TT times) on is in several hundred pieces at the moment. Something about having to replace it because of a hacking attempt.
Posted by AndyUK 29th May, 2006

Shame, hey wong, now you know how i felt when Buzz 2 came a close second. But with me it happened twice. lol
Posted by Radix 29th May, 2006

Yeah, I often think an aperiodic 'featured game' sort of thing would be a better idea than GOTW for this reason. In any other week, TT would've won, and so whatever does win is going to be inferior to both TT and WADF.
Posted by CsaR 29th May, 2006

yeah Radix idea is pretty good. We could have something like a "recommended by TDC" stamp and have all those games on a page. Alot of good games are forgotten because of coming second to another game in the GOTW.
I'm pretty sure there's alot of people who aren't frequent visitors and maybe only play the games that wins the GOTW, oh well..their loss.
Posted by morty 29th May, 2006

Agree with two previous opinions - GOTW is not really neutral, many of GOTWs are worse than the games, that were second in another week.
Posted by Mruqe 29th May, 2006

That is exactly the idea I told Wong about two weeks ago. "Editor's choice" thingie. One admin would propose a game to that title and some other admin would have to agree...
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 29th May, 2006

It's certainly an idea - the ZZT community switched to "Featured Games" rather than GOTM for the same reason.
Posted by CsaR 29th May, 2006

Well why not just take all games that get good comments and so on rather than making an admin responsible for it. That way you'll avoid bashing and meaningless begging on the admins.
Posted by Mruqe 29th May, 2006

Good point. But that's just the same thing as sorting by popularity in the downloads section of the site...
Posted by Duncan 30th May, 2006

And wouldn't help overlooked games
Posted by Del Duio 30th May, 2006

I'm going to make a pre-emptive strike and congratulate Blast Radius 2 on this week's GOTW!

Nobody make me eat crow on this one, LOL!
Posted by 30th May, 2006

yeah ngost world is cool because is the first he ever made
Posted by The Chris Street 31st May, 2006

A "Featured Game" idea? I like that a lot.

Because I hate doing GOTW
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 31st May, 2006

Don't tell me we're seriously getting rid of GOTW. One of my games did that to Z2 as well.
Posted by Radix 31st May, 2006

You wouldn't need to get rid of GOTW to have a featured games page as well. Having both would avoid potential whining while making sure the good games still get recognized.

Mod me and I'll do GOTW.
Posted by Mruqe 31st May, 2006

Words of wisdom, Radix. Words of wisdom.

KlikMe2 is a site that depends mostly on featured games. And it's kind of still... So the whining is partly justified. Having both would seem like a good solution.

Also, the more people get to do GOTW the better chances are that it will be done on schedule. I say - mod Radix. Not that I belive my opinion has any influence
Posted by MJK 1st June, 2006

Imo, to avoid these kind of TT vs WADF cases, it could be a good idea to give the runner-up a new chance by including it also to the next week's poll. In this way there would be a much higher chance that all the truly *excellent* games would get the GOTW-recognition.
Posted by Radix 1st June, 2006

But that means that the best game in the next week, which may be perfectly deserving, is at a disadvantage. It's unfair instead of just unfortunate.
Posted by Mruqe 1st June, 2006

Agreed. Munchie Moves would never win GOTW if there was some leftover decent game from previous weeks
Posted by Del Duio 1st June, 2006

Radix has a point. Imagine having to go up against a "losing game" like Treasure Towers?? No thanks! Maybe have a section for all 2nd place games too? (OR maybe even 3rd???) Stage it up like Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals instead of GOTWs. Just an idea, it'd probably too hard to go back and redo everything that way now though.
Posted by Radix 2nd June, 2006

No, because there are plenty of shitty gotw weeks where not even the first place really deserves it.
Posted by morty 2nd June, 2006

Well, that gives the answer, that GOTW is not the best idea - featured game would be more suitable here...
Posted by Mruqe 2nd June, 2006

Or not. If you want only featured games, KlikMe2 is the site you want. GOTW is the thing that makes TDC special. I think it should be kept that way - even though some GOTW are not so good. They're still the best games from a given week. And GOTW stands for Game Of The Week, not Game Of True Wonderfullness.

Second (not to mention third) places are a bad idea, sorry Del Duio. I still think that GOTW + Editor's Choice combo would be the best option.

And by the way - Mod Radix!
Posted by Del Duio 2nd June, 2006

Np Mrque.

Hey how about this instead- Featuring the GOTW and runners-up in the Clickzine?
Posted by Radix 2nd June, 2006

CZ is monthlyish, GOTW is weekly. Wouldn't really work.
Posted by Nicklas_N 4th June, 2006

I feel so guilty now... I should have waited one week with posting WaDF.
Posted by Mruqe 5th June, 2006

Don't be silly If you did you would wipe out Blast Radious 2. And if you posted it before - my Munchie Moves would suffer a bitter defeat. WaDF had to win. Law of nature, you know.

And due to WaDF beating TT, some important issues were rised to discuss.
Posted by Nicklas_N 6th June, 2006

I enjoyed TT so much too, so I certainly think it deserves some more attention

Perhaps a "Best games" section, where the real gems are listed, for quality stuff like Lyle in Cube Sector, TT, perhaps Satan Sam...


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