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Blast Radius 2
Author: CsaR Submitted: 19th May, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 236
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Edited By CsaR on 7/31/2010

Blast Radius II is a horizontal space shooter made in MMF. It was made by me and DaDDe of Starlord Interactive ( It continues were the previous game ended storywise:

"The GalactiCops headquaters lies in ruins after the last rebel attack and are now struggling with their limited resources to keep the peace in the galaxy once more when a new threat arrises"

Sounds like a corny trailer, I know .

The weapon system has been changed from the previous game and all the sprites are a bit bigger so you won't have as much trouble to hit everything. Also there are 12 levels in total and a new play mode. The game has a tutorial that I recommend going through if you are new to the game or have problems understanding the weapon system.

*Supports up to three players(not survivor mode).
*12 Levels, some with boss battles
*4 different kinds of powerups for front weapon, rear weapon and the spacefighter ship.
*Survival Mode

For the previous game in the series go here:


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 (4.9mb )

Posted by Milo 20th May, 2006

It's great! Everyone download it
Posted by Hempuli 20th May, 2006

Posted by Hempuli 20th May, 2006

..But erg, annoying musics!
Posted by steve 20th May, 2006

from what I played so far seems pretty good.
Thumbs up
Posted by Milo 20th May, 2006

Actually it's incredibly easy... if you know good combinations of things. Well untill the level with ice.
Posted by axel 21st May, 2006

I liked the first game. Gonna download later...
Posted by Lupies 21st May, 2006

Not really a fan of the genre, but it's good. Thumbs up!
Posted by CsaR 21st May, 2006

@Hempuli - Yeah the original music was in mp3 format but we decided to convert them to midi files in the end to keep the filesize down so some of the conversions don't sound so good. (And I'm not the greatest composer in the world either)

@Phizzy - Yeah it can be hard if you die and use a password to begin at like the ice level. The best weapon combo in my book is laser, cluster bombs and all the passive skills. Shatter bombs makes quite alot of damage aswell so you may want to try them.
Posted by axel 21st May, 2006

Hmmm... I liked the first game better actually.

The music sounds just weird. The graphics were okay, I guess, but the gameplay was just a bit too fussy. Complicated.

But it's a good game nevertheless, thumbs up.
Posted by Assault Andy 22nd May, 2006

I really had alot of fun with the first one, multiplayer co-op is great! Now I'm excited to try this second installment.
Posted by 23rd May, 2006

I can see this is very inspired by the Gradius series, and thats a good thing. I love those games!
Nice work!
Posted by Keatontech! 24th May, 2006

That is just awsome. I could only stop playing long enough to write this and a review.
Posted by Hempuli 24th May, 2006

There's a flaw!! In the second level i regenerated inside an enemy!! And died again!
Posted by axel 24th May, 2006

In most games you're invulnerable a few seconds after you regenerate and stuff...
Posted by DaDDe 24th May, 2006

@Keatontech - thanks Keatontech for your review

@Hempuli - hmm I'll have to check that up, where you player1 when this happened?

@axel - Yes, you are in this game too...should be anyway

thanks a lot for all your comments!
Posted by 25th May, 2006

i love it all cept for 1 thing - when you shoot a guy who gives you an upgrade, the coin thing is bigger than the guy you shot.
Posted by Jakob37 27th May, 2006

I liked Blastradius very much but this game is better in all ways, especially that you can survive if you lose one life... Thumbs up!
Posted by Tomssuli 31st May, 2006

It's more than ok... I would have liked more weapons though... Like in titan omega revelations, where it all eventually turns into a mess of missiles, projectiles, beams, flames and explosions
Posted by Del Duio 3rd June, 2006

Congratulations on a well-deserved GOTW win, CsaR!
Posted by Keatontech! 4th June, 2006

So, can we expect Blast Radius 3, or are you both working on other things?
Posted by CsaR 4th June, 2006

@Del Duio: hey thanks, I'm glad people liked the game.

@Keatontech!: Well right now we're pretty tired of the Blast Radius series so the idea of making another game in the series does not sound that tempting at all and we're already working on other projects.
Posted by Lucas Geniza 15th June, 2006

Nice game dude. Do you have a br3 coming up lately!
I'm ready to play some more!!
Posted by Greg Dobson 24th April, 2008
Rated :

Not bad. I like it!
Posted by moren11 12th November, 2008
Rated :

soz dunt like it






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