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thewreck's Black Hole
Author: thewreck Submitted: 22nd May, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 170

Edited By thewreck on 22/05/2006

Oxeye game studio presents
thewreck's Black Hole

In this space-shooter you are trapped close to a black hole. Rocks are falling towards it and so are you. After each level you will be given the opportunity to uppgrade your ship with lots of different systems and weapons. As the levels go up, more rocks and more difficult enemies approach the area, survive as long as possible and gain a highscore worthy of a first place!

The game is completely free and vitalized, so you don't need to download anything!

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Posted by steve 23rd May, 2006

very nice game! Thumbs up
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 24th May, 2006

Cool game it was well done. Thumbs up. ( cheat protection)
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 24th May, 2006

yeah ok so canes mine fair enough

Good game yeah, do you use an advanced math object or somtin for measuring the distance between the black hole and the rest? i'd love to know
Posted by Isbeorn 24th May, 2006

This is a good game with nice flow!
It reminds me of my old favourite Maelstrom
Thumbs up!
Posted by Fragasnap 24th May, 2006

This is pretty fun!
I like how much stuff there is to buy, it gives the game player more coice.

Could you please put up a download for it as a stand-alone game?
Posted by Whippers With 24th May, 2006

W00T teh Swedish infestation!
Posted by Duncan 27th May, 2006

LOVE IT. Really good. Great work!
Posted by Duncan 27th May, 2006

Seconding the request for stand-alone, incidentally
Posted by thewreck 27th May, 2006

hi sorry about the late answers!

Thanks for all the great comments, i feel all wimsy inside. =

I used advanced direction object for calculating angle and distance, however, all you really need for distance is pythagoras formula (A^2+B^2=C^2)

And, im sorry, but i messed up the source .cca file after the release, so i cant compile an .exe file... heh.. sorry about that.
Posted by Tomssuli 21st December, 2006

Great! It addicted me right away!





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