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GOTW #290 - RPG: Rocket Propelled Guts
News posted 2nd August, 2008 by The Chris Street  
R.P.G - Rocket Propelled Guts wins this weeks GOTW with a rather dominating performance in the polls. Congratulations to Mark Radon for a job well done :D

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - OldManClayton: SAVE FDK!, Mazey, Impossible, VectorChat, Chaos Wave 1.0, Gunfighter, FIG, Vignette Wizard, Lily, Abstruse Ball, and Monsterball X-Themed.

First post for about two months! I decided to just take a break from posting for a while... look how many games I come back to!

Posted by Ski 2nd August, 2008

Lol, I love how Oldmanclayton gets his name all over First as topic titles now in GOTW polls evil. Next there will be an article
Posted by Codemonkey 2nd August, 2008

W00T! Told you Mark Radon.
Posted by OMC 2nd August, 2008

Posted by Muz 3rd August, 2008

Lol, while copying some of them, I've seen a few images hosted on He's somehow managed to persuade me to give him a spot in the special thanks of my game. Pretty soon he'll have taken over the Click Community and renamed it to the Click Clayton

Posted by Codemonkey 3rd August, 2008

Tell me about it.
Posted by Zezard 3rd August, 2008

Entaro OldManClayton,
seer of the true Light!

Congrats Radon, the votes percentage gave you justice.
May OldManClayton watch over your future projects.
Posted by OMC 4th August, 2008

You guys are all too kind.
Posted by Marko 4th August, 2008

Wow, i've been in Poland on a stag do for the weekend and i come home to this! Thanks to everyone who voted for my game, i am very very proud!

And yes, Mr. -Codemonkey-, you were right!
Posted by OMC 4th August, 2008

What, did he predict it winning? I think we all did. Image.gif" border=0 alt=""> It's a great game.

btw, welcome back!
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 8/4/2008
Posted by Marko 5th August, 2008

Thanks man, for both welcoming me back and also thinking it'd win GOTW!


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