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GOTW #294: Nemegraphe
News posted 31st August, 2008 by The Chris Street  
Nemegraphe, created by Nega, took a rather dominating role in the GOTW poll this week and ended up in first place - congratulations :D

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - PigQuest, Sleepwalker, Blind NINJA, MegaBattle Complete, Quick Race, RGBeat, Star Trek Online Battle, Tetrodance, GunDude Game, and 15 Puzzle.

There have once again been many multiple submissions this week by various people. Don't forget, only one of your games can make the poll each week!

Posted by Marko 31st August, 2008

Good work, Nega. Well done!
Posted by Mkingy 31st August, 2008

Well Done :]
Posted by Ski 31st August, 2008

I voted for 15 puzzle I would have voted for sleepwalker but the constant voice acting made me cringe
Posted by wario 1st September, 2008

i agree with adam
Posted by Hempuli 1st September, 2008

I find it weird that BulletZORZ isnt' in the list
Posted by Vertigo 1st September, 2008

WTF lame! My Jack Puzzlemonster was going for GOTW! It got 8 votes yet it isnt found in this GOTW post... lazy bums
Posted by Cecilectomy 2nd September, 2008

i voted for 15 puzzle as well.
Posted by alastair john jack 2nd September, 2008

I voted for Pigquest!
Posted by wario 4th September, 2008

hmm SLeepwalker won the next GOTW by a lot !!! cool !~
Posted by alastair john jack 6th September, 2008

Calm down guys
Posted by Rikus 6th September, 2008

Ps if someone is wondering i am on holiday visiting my parents in holland, not much time to do things on the site but i should return in the middle of september
Posted by alastair john jack 6th September, 2008

oh! Hope you have a really great time!


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