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Review: Tops the pig 2
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 12/10/2002

Tops The Pig 2. It looked pretty good. But, as always in the klik community, looks can be deceptive.

Firstly, the creator of the game has seemingly forgotten to iron out very simple problems. Such as, for example, you can fall off the edge of the screen if you haven't collected all the stars. And when you do collect the stars a black door shaped blob with the word "EXIT" written on it appears, and on the first level it followed the scrolling playfield. Eeeek.

There are also jumpthru platforms in the game, and sometimes Tops doesn't actually jump on them, he falls straight through them. And when you find your magic fist (in a not difficult at all search) you can continually fire it, clearing your path of enemies that aren't even in Top's vision, ruining the challenge in the game. And the bad guys need dying animations too.

There are good moments, however. The levels are relatively well designed, and the graphics, while incredibly simple, have a charm to them, and I suppose the pace of the game is kept high. The menu reminds me of Zool for some reason. And Tops himself is well animated, but thats not really a saving grace for anyone who downloads this game.

I get the feeling that Algamesuk has rushed this game out to release. He should have spent more time ironing out the bugs in the game. Maybe release a patch-up in a couple of weeks. And if you do, make a PROPER SELECTABLE menu please, instead of getting us to press 1,2,3 and 4 to move around!


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