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Review: Tops the pig 2
Author: Bakuchiku-san
Added: 12/10/2002

Well, well, well...

I've heard from some source which I cannot remember at this particular occasion that this game was highly anticipated by many. Since I barely read about it before (I usually don't read much about any klik-game for some reason) I didn't expect anything either good or bad. So, onto the review...

When I first got control of Tops I guessed that the deceleration was gonna be bad, which it is in too many klik-games nowadays, and I was right. You slide like you have a banana under each... pig-foot. And the worst thing about it is that if you jump up on one of the smaller platforms in the air and you have to turn the opposed direction to avoid sliding down the edge you actually increase in speed and you have to press left and right faster and faster to prevent falling down, which I mostly did. As for other platforms like the ones on the first level you sometimes just fell right through them (the built-in MMF movement works like a charm) and you almost always sunk a pixel or two everytime you pressed left or right while standing on them.
As for the GFX, it was alright. A small thing that wasn't very appealing was the simplicity of the background, but I have to admit that it's hard to make a decent background.
The sound on the other hand wasn't bad. Just the music on the 5-ball level had a part that didn't make sense.

Overall the game wasn't that good. I only played until the 5-ball level since I had problems getting 3 and then died, having to get them all again (and what was that pig gonna do with 5 balls anyway). The second level was pretty tough since you barely could determine when you could jump and not get killed by that infernal cannon. There could be great improvements made for this game, like the deceleration for one (even better, a custom movement). Otherwise the game was mediocre.


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