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Review: Tops the pig 2
Author: Georgie
Added: 13/10/2002


You get a boxing glove throwing pig and complete a variety of levels. When I say variety I mean you do different things in each level. The gameplay may be kinda simple, but I like a game that isn't the entire same game level-level-level. The music is happy and only gets annoying if you actaully get stuck on a level like I did for awhile. Once that tune sinks into your head, you know you're taking too long. The graphics aren't great but they are good enough to play with. And the simple style is in every sprite, so they have a good blend together


Nothing Special but the title screen doesn't look sloppy to me at least.


After you figure out the levels, you'll probably not want to play this game again. But most games are like that anyways. But since you get to restart the level you were on when you die its not that much of a problem to want to finish the game.
The only real problem with the game I had is that on level 4 sidescroller after the "Red Balls Search and Rescue" level it crashed for me. Some games just crash on special computers though.

Go give this game a try before you look away.


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