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Review: Tops the pig 2
Author: Ashman
Added: 12/10/2002

Tops the pig is an amatuer, yet fun game but unfortunately with many glitches it will have a bad review.

*** Gameplay ***
Well this is not bad. Glitches are abundant throughout the game which either enable you to skip the entire level or disappear of the face of the Earth. It is fun to navigate the well designed levels allthough the tasks required to be completed for each level are not very consistent.

*** Graphics ***
Reasonable sprites, poor special effects and backgrounds that leave much to be desired. Circle trees????? Come on. Levels are well designed and work well. I also liked the title screen.

*** Lastability ***
High marks here. Reasonably big game although the levels are rather small and don't get a lot bigger as it goes. I like the fun factor so I may play it a few times.

*** Overall ***
A fun game, but the creator could do better. Work on the graphics and maybe throw in a Custom movement engine as the default one added to the glitches in this case. Not a must have but worth the download if you want some easy fun.


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