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Review: Parachute
Author: Ashman
Added: 04/02/2003

Cool idea but severely under cooked.....what else can I say? Premature birth causes physical and mental defects and the same principle applies to gaming! Re : Smoking during pregnancy...

You snooze you this case I'd rather snooze because losing doesn't really bother me! Theres no point playing a game if i don't care whether I lose or not! Also only being able to assume 3 different positions (oh keep it clean) is annoying and limits the gameplay! Bad Move!

Reasonable graphics! Not the greatest thing on gods red earth but still a reasonable effort and get the job done! Well Done!

Had to play the game again to even realise they were there. Unoriginal midis ahoy but I do that all the time so you're forgiven! Average marks here!

Title was like....did I miss something man....and then...woah dude...I don't think there was one....and I was damn that can't be right homey....and he was like...woah!

This game is a little pointless! So you get a highscore.....big don't even have any pre-made ones to compare with! Whats the point??

Not a terribly good game, the author admitted it was rushed but I still don't think he really hit it's full potential at all! It was a good idea but....ahh well! Better Luck next time!

Well thats about it! I am really happy with the new character counter and sorry you need to read this but I needed a few more characters and couldn't really say anything else! Please don't delete this!

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