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Review: Parachute
Author: Spram
Added: 14/02/2003

Once upon a time Nintendo decided to make some watches with super-mega-simple games, just in case you were stuck on a bus and had nothing else to do but play a game while looking at how late you are to work/school/stuff.

One of those games was Parachute, and as the author of the game points out, this is a Parachute clone with slightly more contemporary graphics.

It is so similar to the original that you no only move left or right to catch parachuting men on a small boat, but you can also only be in 3 different places and no-where in between. If you press left, your character will dissapear and appear to the left of where you were, just like in the original.

Not a bad idea ressurecting old classics like this (you can work on "Squish" and "Gold Cliff" which are my favorite). But there are a few bad things here and there..

First of all, the music.. I played Diddy Kong racing.. and Liked it a LOT. But I have to admit some of DKR's music was annoyingly awful. This game features one of those songs. You'll be better off playing it on mute. An original midi would be better in this case.

The graphics are good, for what it is, the resolution is not the best, for some reason the frame area is bigger than my monitor. The water looks great and the parachuting men move smoothly which makes the boat's movement seem more out of place.

The gameplay is similar to the original game, mindless and not really lots of fun. It is so simple it might seem more like work than a game. The difficulty also starts out too easily with parachuters coming down in small numbers.

On a side note: Why rescue the parachuters from the water? Arent they safer landing in the water than in the wooden boat? Where are all the parachuters, once you catch them they dissapear! And why do the parachuters suck so much, can't the land on the islands? The world may never know the answer to these questions.

For you young ones or nostalgic old men like me, here is a link to a collection of all Game and Watch games:

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