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Review: Parachute
Author: ruffles
Added: 21/02/2003

Long time since I wrote a review, something rare for me. But it's OK, I'll go straight to the point.

Presentation -> Not at all. Just the team logo and wa-lah, you are playing it. There should be at least something saying you were sent to save some guys, etc.

Gameplay -> Ridiculous I must say, because your boat floats but when you press the button it suddenly changes its positions. And why just those 3 positions. It's rather ridiculous too that the men fall exactly in these positions.

Graphics -> Nice, plain, nice. Not much to say. I would like to see the guy in the boat animated and rowing, and at least the kamikazes shouting, or making scared expressions.

Sound and music -> Nothing you notice and think "WHOA!". Hmm, I'm not the right man to rate sound and music.

Lastability -> An online scoreboard would be excelent for this game. You don't feel challenged by anything since it's rather easy to play, and I just gave up to see what would happen. The results: a big weird input box, that should have been replaced by an edit box and some events. Really. Then, there's not a real challenge nor anything to feel excited about this game. I don't need to say I didn't extract it.

Overall -> This could have been so much better if the author, even now, changed the main problems, pointed by everyone; tried to get somebody to code an online board for him. Then, I should bother playing again this game. Increasing the difficulty would help too. At least the graphics saved it.

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