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Review: Music Dancer
Author: funkyseaweed
Added: 16/03/2003

This is one cool program! It is a little hard to understand at first with creating playlists- at least I found that. Also the whole minimizing is a problem because it kept playing the same track and it filled the whole screen at one point which wasn't good. I found the playlists could be tempermental and the program did strange things to the volume controls on my computer.

"To minimize this app don't click on the minimize button press F11 and to maximize don't click on the Maximize button instead press F12. Otherwise the next track in the playlist won't play until you restore it."

This is important information, as I found that otherwise all sorts of strange things tended to happen :S

Having said all that, there is a lot of positive things to say about this It not only plays music! It also contains a little animated band and two jumping men up the sides This sounds weird, but it looks really good and the height the dancers jump is relative to the volume of the music, which is very cool

Although it is not a game, this is fairly entertaining to watch and does a lot of things for the small download it is I would recommend it as an independant music player because it is almost as good as programs like Windows Media Player. However, a help file would make it easier to use as I personally was confused by the instructions on the edit playlist page.

Alltogether, a lot of effort seems to have gone into this program and it is a lot better than most Well done!!

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