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Review: Music Dancer
Author: OSulligaming
Added: 16/03/2003

Music Dancer is very good - Opening statement

To be quite honest I didnt know that you could do this sort of thing in MMF (i use TGF nearly all the time) - I knew about wavs and cd's but...never mind.

Music Dancer is definately one to download. It is very small (take a hint Bill Gates - 20MB for Media Player 9 - )and very easy to use.
Everything functions perfectly and yes, the little men who jumped about mad eme laugh a bit. (Not because they are stupid - they are great)


The men are great but maybe there could have been some visuals, other effects - too much blank white space to be quite honest. Also, how about a mini version.


Its a media player, so i cant comment.


Not the best on the planet but by far not the worst either.


Well, instead of commenting on the sound and music with programs, I will comment on the quality of plyback - which is excellent. This is always something I look for when in search of a media player. Also, multiple-format is very good, so you can line up your fav MP3's, WAVS MIDI's and all sorts without having to go back and change


Like most media players, they soon become old and never really see the light of day again, but for now this has potential.

OVERALL - Final verdict

Music Dancer is definately worth downloading - if not for the little guys dancing around but for the sheer file size. You can create playlsts and save them for later, you can pause, play, stop and skip tacks. Everything you need. But if you are somebody who likes excellent graphics, skins or visuals, I urge you to go elsewhere.

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