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Review: Music Dancer
Author: Jonny
Added: 02/05/2003

It's an mp3 player that gos over the boundries and has tried something new. This is a really good application. it contains everything you need for a music player and more: a playlist (with a save function), two volume panel things on either side of the screen to show how much bass and stuff there is, a browse thing so you can find the music on your computer, one of those bar things that shows how far you are through the song, stop, play, pause and resume buttons, it also has a volume control panel that works pretty well and little men jumping up and down, singing, playing the drums, a man playing the guitar and even a little man with his hands in the air waving them around, there are even funny little speakers that do nothing and just sit there in the background for decoration. It's pretty darn good but still has a few problems, like with the pictures how the men are pretty much all the same and dont vary very much and how they dont have faces and are bald and the animation for some of them just isnt that spectacular, the animation of the guitarists playing is good and they move there hands up and down the guitar like people would actually do unlike some people would do and just make them strum, but the man with his hands in the air he looks a little to shaky. It plays in the background well aswell, this program can sometimes stutter wen you first put it into the background but it quickly fixes that, because i've noticed some music players dont play very well in the background like they stutter and sometime dont even work. this is a really good apllication but it gets a bit boring and would tire easily, but it's still worth a look.

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