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Music Dancer
Author: Assault Andy Submitted: 15th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 383

Edited By [|--CIRCY--|] on 3/15/2003

This is my music player and it supports mp3, wave, midi and many others. It has funny dancing people and some play instuments. It also features a saveable and loadable playlist. Music player makes people dance to the volume levels of the music!

To minimize this app don't click on the minimize button press F11 and to maximize don't click on the Maximize button instead press F12. Otherwise the next track in the playlist won't play until you restore it.

To download remember to Right Click - Save As.

Much credit - Muggus


If the download doesn't work try this link:

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Posted by Assault Andy 15th March, 2003

Btw can an administrator delete those pictures with nothing in them?
Posted by The Chris Street 15th March, 2003

Posted by The Chris Street 15th March, 2003

Yes :)
Posted by Galaxy613 15th March, 2003

...point of this app?
Posted by Jonny 15th March, 2003

This roks everyone should download it, its wicked as!!!
Posted by Muggus 15th March, 2003

I thought this looked familiar! You've done a good job of it! That little band rocks! And the playlist is good too... Nice work! :D
Posted by funkyseaweed 16th March, 2003

Reviewed :)
Posted by funkyseaweed 16th March, 2003

cool!! you're listening to sum 41 and reel big fish in one of those screen shots!! reel big fish are really good :) so is your program :)
Posted by KnifeFight 16th March, 2003

sum 41 and good charlotte are the most horrible bands ever..........EVER
Posted by Pkeod 16th March, 2003

Posted by Lew 16th March, 2003

Cool :D Hoobastank!!
Posted by Blackstorm 16th March, 2003

How do you work this thing? I clicked play and nothing happened!
Posted by Assault Andy 16th March, 2003

If you played from the playlist then select a number to play from first then click play from playlist.
Posted by Lew 17th March, 2003

"Karl[MK Software] ...point of this app?" Karl[MK Software] is a FOOL
Posted by Weston L 17th March, 2003

great app. it would be cool if the people had hair. :)
Posted by Finnwolf 18th March, 2003

nice program keep up the good work btw. you could make other versions too like heavy (guys with black long hair and differend animations) ;)
Posted by Mitch M 18th March, 2003

looking right now!! :D
Posted by Blackstorm 19th March, 2003

I tried "play from playlist." No button works! When I press the play from playlist button with a number selected, the bottom counter turns to one and then doesn't do anything. Maybe my computer sucks or something...
Posted by Individual Thought 19th April, 2003

LOL! this is actually pretty frikin' cool! :D






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