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Review: Unknown Game 1386
Author: Meric
Added: 14/04/2003

Alright you intellegent monkey!!
Listen up! Get yourself some bombs and eraticate the enemy! Move it soldier!


As soon as the game starts the screen displays a very colourfull and tropical "NATOMC" Wich suits the game perfectly. Later you are brought to a menu that lets you either, Start a new file, Laod a new file, Help on playing the game, credits and exit. Very pro presentation.

Game Play:

The basic idea behind banarama involves a monkey that is monuvered on a grid, you must collect all the bannanas before you reach the end of the level. The game handles very much like Bomberman Pocket for the gameboy. That right folks! Natomics very own bomberman type puzzler game!
After you beat four levels your status goes up and you are awarded a new ability. The levels get harder and harder as you progress through the game. When not playing thru one of the 16 levels you can return to any level you've already beaten.
There is only one save file.


Absolutely stunning! The monkey is very cute walking around on the screen, and the animation is so smooth and easy on the eye's. As the game gets harder, new enemys are introduced, wich all are pleasant to look at. (If looking at Tikki men is your thing.) The mountains and sky in the backround are drawn exceptional well. Each world has it's own distinct feel. What keeps me from giving the graphics score a perfect 10 are how the edges of the floor are drawn, it just stops! there is no ledge no black outline, nothing. In my opinion it makes the game look unfinished.


Definetly worth the downlaod! If it's not aleady downlaoding do it now! with an overall score of 9/10 how can you go wrong? Just have patients and get thru the levels.

Fantastic Game!

Sound and Music:

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