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Review: Unknown Game 1386
Author: Klikmaster
Added: 23/06/2003

Presentation - This game is well presented. The screen resolution changes for a deliberate, pixelated look. After Natomics funky logo is the title screen, which is layed out neatly and with an easy to use menu. Your lives are displayed as hearts in the left, which you can see easily when playing without having to move your head much .

Gameplay - Now, this is good gameplay! It is a custom platform movement engine, and you move across a certain distance with each arrow pressed. Like this you can line up with ladders easily, etc. The idea is to collect all of the bananas on the level, and get to the brown signpost to complete it. Bad guys and spikes are there to stop you. Timing is needed to get past spikes. The bad guys have some artificial inteligence, and wit is needed to pass them.

Graphics - Natomic have used a certain style for their game, and have kept it throughout. It makes the game look impressive. A lot of time and effort has obviously gone into making them.

Sound and music - Sound in this game has only been used where appropriate, and that is good. Sounds such as getting hurt are all you need. The music however can get repetitive, but after you complete 4 levels, and go to the next area, there is different music. The music is origional, which makes the game origional.

Lastability - There are many extra features to try and manage and abilities to learn, also the game is quite challenging. This will make the game last. That is why I won't be deleting it from my computer.

Overall, It is a fun game, and I reccomend it to anyone.

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