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Review: Unknown Game 1386
Author: Raincoatduck
Added: 17/08/2002

Akira of Natomic has crafted the most fiendishly well designed platform/puzzle in the click community during this summer. You play as a nameless monkey with a mission to collect bananas (hence the name Bananarama ) The game is similar to Loderunner, and the old shareware game Jetpack.

Graphics: The graphics are top-notch, colorful and well animated. There are four different worlds each with a distinctive look. There isn't much I can say about the graphics other than "They're great". Just download the game and see for yourself.

Gameplay: All the great graphics have not gone to waste, there is great gameplay to back them up. The engine is tile-based and, except for an occasional quirk, very well designed. The AI for the enemies is simple, but compliments the gameplay well. Many times you need to exploit the AI of the enemy spearmen to your advantage to reach higher up places. As you progress through the game you gain more skills to get past the harder levels. Starting out all you can do is walk and climb but upon beating a world you gain a valuable upgrade. Overall, the gameplay is great and keeps the game addictive and fun.

Sound: The sound in the game is nothing amazing but it gets the job done fine. In a way, it's for the better as it keeps the the game under 1mb. The music, however is orginal and quite catchy. I found myself humming along a few times

Suggestion: Only a few things keep the game from getting a 10. It's fairly short, I beat it in one day but I'll probably play it again. It took me a while to figure out how to throw a bomb, if the instructions could be more clear about it, that would be good.

Overall: One of the best click games to come out this summer and a shoe-in for game of the week.


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