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Review: Unknown Game 1386
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 06/09/2002

Akira has kept relatively quiet since making Gingerbread Man for the Christmas Kliketty Klik competition. But in due time, the community got to hear of a nice game he was working on...THIS one!
Bananarama is a relatively original concept; a twist on the Super Awesome Adventure Extreme game by Nick Kraich. The overall objective of the game is to collect bananas, controlling a little monkey. It uses a fairly similar engine to SAAE, but in many respects, it's actually better. Starting off in the jungle, things seem to be alarmingly difficult. Spikes appear from the ground, and its impossible to kill the indian creatures too...

Until, that is, you cross their path, from whence they'll charge at you. Duck out of the way and they'll crash into the wall behind you, stunning themselves for a few seconds, and giving you vital extra moments to squeeze past them. Suddenly, what was originally a very hard game has now become much more interesting. And as you gradually complete each area, you'll find yourself gaining new abilities. Such as being able to throw bombs, or jump. And these new abilities must be used effectively to continue. You can also backtrack and use these abilities to access places you couldnt quite get to in the previous levels, to gain icons that increase the bomb blast. Brilliant.

There are only 16 levels to Bananarama, but they are very complex and very hard. The later levels take place in caves and fortresses, and the challenge is increased a notch.

So, we've established that Bananarama is a hard game. But how does it bode as a package? Well, it is great fun to play, and the graphics were drawn in typical Akira style (ie, very good). Music was composed by Prowler and Yoshiman, and is suiting to the "Indian" theme. Although it does start to get irritating after a while. You will like this. Its a good game rather than a great one, and the only problems I see with the game are that it gets frustrating, and possibly a little boring after a while. Certainly, once you've finished it, I doubt you'll go back to it. But while it lasts, its a worthwhile download.


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