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Review: Star Angel
Author: underjoyed
Added: 26/08/2003

If your someone who likes a good arcade type space game this would be a great one to try...anyways, I suppose I'll start with the gameplay.


The game has two modes to play, adventure and arcade. In adventure mode you navigate through a map type layout searching for gems, but when you run into an enemy fleet the gameplay changes into an arcade shooter. As time progresses you run into bosses as well as harder enemies, another nice option you have is customizing your ship by earning Credits and Emeralds.In arcade mode you try to stay alive while destroying as many enemies as you can to get a high score. I give the gameplay a 7/10


The game has a pretty basic look to it with a spacey background and green texts in the menus, but I think it looks good and fits with the game.
I give the presentation a 6/10


I really liked the graphics for this game, they were all very neat looking and they all went good together. Also in arcade mode you can change your ship which is really cool. I give the graphics an 8/10


Well everything in this department is pretty good,
I liked the music in this game, there was a handfull of diffrent music and it went quite well with everything. I give sound and music an 8/10.


I suppose it would be fun to play this game every once and a while, another great thing about this game is that it saves everything from your highscores to your game progress(A lot of games I've played havent) so this is a good thing for the games lastability. I give the lastability a 6/10.


Overall this is a nice, original space shooter game worth a play. Overall I give it a 7/10

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