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Review: Star Angel
Author: TH333
Added: 29/08/2003

Star Angel is a very enjoyable game for anyone who likes shootm' up games. Here's the "statistics".

The screen is pretty small, but I don't think that's much to complain about. It has a good intro (which is skipable) and it is easy to get started.

Its gameplay is pretty good but I would like to say that your ship or Star Angel is a bit hard to control. The enemies have pretty simple (but good) AI and are usually at a reasonable strength to destroy. The bosses are cool, unique and fun to fight.

Most or all of the graphics are hand drawn (which is easy to tell) and I for one can say that a good job has been done on them- well, for hand drawn graphics. Many of them are done in the fashion I call gradiental- or in other words they mainly use gradients.

Sound and Music-
Star Angel has great SFX and great music all of which are completely original- that is all except the ending which is not original.

With all its gaming features, it will keep you playing for a long time. Those features are: Adventure Mode, Arcade Mode, the ability to change the settings in the Arcade Mode, its built in random level generator, the fact that you have to repeat beating fleet after fleet, and also the fact that it's so addictive!

So far, I've found only 1 bug which shouldn't be bothered to fix (That's because with TGF or MMF there's no way that they can fix it). The bug is where sometimes you try to shoot your gem ray- and say you're facing left and it shoots right. It rarely happens, though.

Overall I think it's a great game!

P.S. This is my first review. Hope it was good!

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