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Star Angel
Author: Strife Submitted: 26th August, 2003 Favourites:1
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 393

Edited By Strife on 8/29/2003

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Edited By Strife on 8/27/2003

After being a n00b at The Daily Click for 2 years, I've finally decided to submit a game. It's a neat little space shooter game called Star Angel.

In Star Angel, there are five gems of power called Sever Gems, and your mission is to collect all of them, and use their power to defeat an evil alien race known as the Deviloids.

During your journey, you spend Credits and Emeralds to buy cool new parts and pieces for your ship to make it stronger. There are three main body parts you can customize; the Base, the Head, and the Weapon.

The levels are superb, with classic arcade action and so-so graphics. Blow up enemies to increase your Energy Meter. When your energy meter is filled, you can use the Gem Ray; a green beam that can turn small enemies into emeralds. You'll NEED to use the Gem Ray, in order to collect enough emeralds to fight the bosses guarding each Sever Gem.

This game took about a month to make (I still can't believe its only 1 megabyte). I hope you enjoy it.

Anywayz, here's the game features:

- 15 parts, including 4 weapons and 3 special ability upgrades
- 5 unique enemy types
- 6 bosses
- Original graphics
- Original music
- Adventure mode with randomly generated maps; no two games are the same!
- Arcade mode with progressively harder waves of enemies

In all previous versions of Star Angel, there is a bug where, after you beat the final boss, you are taken to the high score screen instead of the ending sequence! If you want to see the ending, download this game again, load your saved adventure back up, beat the final boss one more time and it should work.

EDITED 8/19/03
Thanks goes out to CKarl for the newer, faster link!

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Posted by The Chris Street 26th August, 2003

The worlds slowest server XD A peasly 1kb per second for me.
Posted by Bzzt! 26th August, 2003

"Eek! Freewebs!" I implore you, please use your ISP webspace or a DECENT webhosting service.. I've already got another game downloading at 0.9kb/s!
Posted by Cyb 26th August, 2003

The screen playing is too tiny, it's too bad. And the interest to destroy targets which move towards us is average... On the "technical" level the game is correct. I think you can better do, enjoy ;)
Posted by Strife 26th August, 2003

I'm really sorry guys. I tried downloading FTP programs, but none of them seem to work on my computer. Everytime I try to connect to the server, there's some kind of error. I wish I could figure it out... Does anybody know of a more decent free web-hosting service? I've tried Geocities, Boomspeed, and Freewebs.
Posted by Bzzt! 26th August, 2003
Posted by Strife 26th August, 2003

By the way, thanks for the review underjoyed! :D I was actually a bit nervous as to wether or not my game was good, but now I feel much better. Thank you. :)
Posted by Mausa 26th August, 2003

Well it's a nice game, but once u collect the first Crystal, it gets really hard. I've been killed many times
Posted by Bzzt! 26th August, 2003

Give you a review when my account's back!
Posted by Strife 26th August, 2003

Mausa: Buy lots and lots of lives. Keep a decent supply of them, at least 5. Oh, and remember to strafe whenever possible; it comes in handy. :) Chris Branch 2: Cool.
Posted by Tom 26th August, 2003

Neat game.
Posted by Bzzt! 26th August, 2003

It's hard to strafe! Shad dc-mailed me and I'm getting the account back = review up
Posted by underjoyed 26th August, 2003

Your welcome Strife.
Posted by Strife 26th August, 2003

Yeah, it's hard. I usually don't use it for the normal levels, but during boss battles (where there are few enemies), it helps a lot.
Posted by Strife 26th August, 2003

By the way, please gimme some thumbs. ;)
Posted by Metal Maiden 26th August, 2003

Great job dude. I was actually playing this one for a while. After the second boss fight, it became much harder, so I started dying alot.
Posted by Strife 27th August, 2003

Having trouble with enemies? These parts will make your life easier: Blaze, Ice, Burst, Cloaking, Star Booster 1
Posted by Strife 27th August, 2003

UPDATE! I've updated the game (version 1.1) to include some of things you asked for: - You can now choose the size of the game's window in the Options menu. - You can now change the diffculty: Rookie or Standard. In Rookie mode, projectiles cause less damage, and Eyeballs and Shadows don't constantly follow you. - You must now HOLD the strafing button to strafe, instead of toggling.
Posted by Strife 27th August, 2003

Ack, my mistake. You must DRAG the window to resize it. Sorry 'bout that.
Posted by Astral_86 27th August, 2003

Oo...this seems very interesting! :D
Posted by ChrisB 27th August, 2003

Improvements = better
Posted by Strife 27th August, 2003

Argh... I worked quickly on version 1.1, and as a result, there are a bunch of new bugs which I have fixed yet again in version 1.2. I am very very sorry for the innconvenience, but you need only to download this game one more time. This will be my last update to the game. I swear!
Posted by ChrisB 27th August, 2003

Hm, I thought there were some odd bugs in the game...
Posted by Strife 27th August, 2003

Yeah, but the nastiest of them all was the bug where, after you beat the final boss, you're taken to the high score screen instead of the ending sequence! Ugghh... it's a shame that the 40+ anonymous people who downloaded this game before won't get to see the ending.
Posted by John 27th August, 2003

Looks very good :)
Posted by J.J 28th August, 2003

Freeservers SUX! Good game
Posted by Strife 28th August, 2003

Thank you all very much for your comments and thumb-ups. :) This will encourage me to make more great games in the not-too-distant future. ;)
Posted by Galaxy613 28th August, 2003

once I download this I'll upload it to my server so people can download it faster
Posted by Strife 28th August, 2003

Aww, cool! Thanks a million, CKarl! :D
Posted by Galaxy613 28th August, 2003

Anytime :D here's the the url:
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 29th August, 2003

This game is great. It's pretty unique and it's challenging enough to keep you going. Plus, the random Arcade mode makes it replayable for as long as you like. Good job, you have my thumbs up on this one.
Posted by TH333 29th August, 2003

Awsome game! Original graphics, mostly Original music, great gameplay, as far as I know a completely original storyline, random level generator, great SFX, put it all together and you get a great game- Star Angel! I might review it.
Posted by Strife 29th August, 2003

Coo coo pretty coooooool. T'anks, Trycen of G.F.G.! :)
Posted by MIG2 30th August, 2003

good game ! you allowed the player to use the joypad very cool.gfx and musics are nice ,and the most important ,the game is FUN.i finished the adventure mode ( The end is very original):)
Posted by Strife 30th August, 2003

Yeah, the wierd thing is that the ending dialog only took me about 5 minutes to make. :) I wonder if anybody else has finished the game yet... Whoa, 80 peeps have downloaded my game. Now that I think about it, that's a lot of people. It really is a joy to finaly come out of my shell and join the Klik community. :D
Posted by BeamSplashX 31st August, 2003

I'm #85!
Posted by Strife 31st August, 2003

Posted by Chrisbo 3rd September, 2003

It's an OK game, kinda boring and repetetive, gameplay is OK. Overall I'd give it like a 80% or something.
Posted by Strife 3rd September, 2003

That's okay. I can accept the fact that not everybody will love my game. ;) 90 downloads! Wohoo! :D
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 23rd September, 2003

It's been a while since this game came out, but I just decided to review it for you. I hope a 7/10 is fair!
Posted by Strife 25th September, 2003

Awesome dude! Thanks. ;)
Posted by Strife 12th October, 2003

:o 99 downloads!
Posted by Zane 14th October, 2003

damn good!
Posted by Strife 15th October, 2003

Thank you. ;) At last, i've achieved my goal of 100 downloads...






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