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Review: Xmas Card
Author: Buster
Added: 28/12/2003

Wow, this was quite impressive and a christmas card I sure will never forget.

When I unzipped the game and saw the default tgf icon I didn't think much effort was going to of been put in this at all... How wrong I was.

You open the game to find a nice little grey rectangle which I think was suppose to represent an envelope, and a little message telling you that your christmas dreams are enclosed inside. God only knows how the letter actualy arrived here I couldn't see an address anywhere. Well I clicked the special extra large stamp only to find that my christmas dreams did come true. Thats right my dream was to recive a card with a picture of a poorly ripped house on poorly drawn hill with a miscoloured sky, But does really matter? I mean does it really matter that the graphics were so poor? NO! it doesn't. Thats why I gave the graphics and presentation a 10. The true meaning of christmas is not graphics or presentation, definetly not. The true meaning of christmas is gameplay and boy, did this have some awesome gameplay... The answer is 'no' it didn't. Then we need to ask ourselves, But is Gameplay the real meaning of christmas? No. It is not. You are asked to click the sky, snow appears. Its actually quite nice to watch. At this point I gathered my family and we watched the snow fall down in a rather jerky animation. We watched for hours and almost cried at the beauty of it not even realising what incredibly experiences where to come. Next it said that we needed a christmas tree. We sure did. Just like setting up a christmas tree in your own livingroom you press enter and it magicly appears the realism of this game was incredible and is a real blessing that this is freeware. After setting up the tree the deformed house was almost complere. We needed candles, but it was quite scary with us knowing that the tree could catch a light and ruin christmas so pressing 'c' was the most difficult part of the game, but then I think of santa and how proud he would be if he came down and saw candles on my tree so I pressed it. It was a great success and the tree didnt catch on fire because of the special green and red safety flames that where used. After lighting the candles my christmas wish had come true. I cried with laughted and danced around knowing that now this would be the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER. So thats why I gave this game a 10... It really did teach us all the true meaning of christmas... Its not about great gameplay or good graphics, hell you dont even need sound effects! The true meaning of christmas is having millions of little transparent dots all around your house and christmas tree that allow visitors to see right though to the hill on the other side. Thats my review and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!

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