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Review: Xmas Card
Author: Evil Monkey
Added: 30/12/2003

Wow, here I am staying up late, waiting for people to join Super Ken Senshi, and I give up waiting for players. I get bored. Then I lean over to TDC to see if anything is new. Nothing. I then go over to a game called X-Mas Card. I tried to download it before, but this time it worked. Okay, on to the review.

Em... I see a gray box with a weird orange stamp. I click on the stamp, and then I am confronted by the ugliest house graphic I had ever seen... in 16-color! Eek! That's right! Not 256, not 16 million, but 16 colors! Now it tells me to click in order to make it snow. Soon enough I see four active objects on path movements come down and show me some of the most thrown together snow graphics I had ever seen. Then It tells me to press Enter to put a tree in the garden. I press Enter. Guess what I saw. You got it, a 16-color, pixelated, badly half-drawn half ripped tree. Then I am told to press C to add candles, and then Space to light them... Hopefully the tree isn't going to get burnt this way.

Along with the bad-enough graphics and presentation, there are ways you can make the thing mess up. You can press Space at the beginning to see flames suspended in the air. Then you can press Enter and tada! The tree is on fire. Obviously this destroys Christmas spirit, but I decided to put it here anyway. So...

Left Mouse Button: Snow
Enter: Tree
C: Candles
Space: Flames

Re-arrange these and not only does the tree messed up, but the different text strings overlap each other. Weird, eh?

Well, that's enough from me. I don't really want to make the author feel bad, I just want him to know that this card is... let's say, thrown together.

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