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Review: BananaDude
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 26/05/2004

Well, this is odd.

On starting the game I watched a rather shakily-drawn butterfly drift across a blue screen with some trees on it, and it wasn't until a good ten seconds later that I realised I was actually in the game. So to start off with, it isn't presented to the player all that well.

The game which you're immediately dumped in to involves controlling a little stickman, getting him to jump around several platforms that look like trees while the aforementioned butterfly floats idly towards you. It doesn't actually do anything once it gets to you, it just seems to block your view of the player and generally make a nuisance of itself.

The object of the game is to collect bananas before the time runs out - it takes, I think, thirty-five seconds for the game to end and inform you that "You loooose!" before throwing you back to Windows (or if you're a techy sort of person, Linux). Whether you manage to collect all the bananas or not doesn't affect the outcome of the game at all, if you get them then you're just left to aimlessly jump around until the time runs out.

The only bit of remotely innovative programming here is that the bananas are placed randomly at the start of the level, creating a different "level" each time it's played. Unfortunately, no consideration is taken as to where the bananas shouldn't be placed, and they can get stuck in impossible to reach areas like inside platforms and even off the edge of the screen.

Control is very awkward as it uses the TGF standard platform movement with Obstacle backdrops for platforms. It's not only that, the whole setup of it doesn't feel right, the jumping in particular.

Standard collect-em-ups can be good games, but this one I'm sorry to say isn't. It just doesn't work on any level at all - if it even tried to recognise the player's efforts in completing it it would merit more than this score.

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