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Review: BananaDude
Author: vortex2
Added: 26/05/2004

Hello .

On starting this game, you jump straight into the action! This game creator really knows how to get it started without the boring traditional menu .

The graphics were orginal and colorful as well and the stick falling animation had me laughing alot .

You collect the bannanas for some reason and this cool looking butterfly follows you around the level while you do it .

It is made in TGF, and uses the default platform movement but that doesnt mean it isnt the bestest game ever .

Presentation: Awsome I loved how he really got right in there and just started it up without a story or anything, we no need no stinkin title screens! Awsome! 10/10

GamePlay: Wow this was soo cool, collect them bannanas all the way baby! I could play this for DAYS, It is soo replayable , I mean with the skill that is involved having to avoid that cool looking butterfly while you collect the bannanas.

Graphics: Need I say more? They rock! stick figures, and paint style bannanas really make this a game to watch out for! Move over Eternal Daughter and Destruction Carnival you might have a bit of competion! 10/10

Sound and Music: Well I didnt have my speakers hooked up when I played, but it just has to have good sounds and music so I will give it a 10/10
This game doesnt need fancy scrolling or anything like that as it is a true classic, its orginal,new and stylish, what else can you ask for in a game?

Lastability: Addictive! how could you not want to spend your time playing this? 10/10

I only played for alittle bit becuase I lost, but that white ending screen with the black letters was a true classic!

So in conclusion it was an incredible game, worth playing!

oh yeah, just kidding .

Sound and Music:

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