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Review: BananaDude
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 16/06/2004

Bannana Dude
Reviewed by Lazarus on June 16th, 2004
When you beat Bannana Dude, you'll be left with one question: What the heck did I just play?! I was wondering if, at first, this was a joke. Well, lets start:
Presentation: My dear God, what presentation? This game doesn't have title screen, a backround, or an ending screen! Why?! How to Improve this: Add a backround to the ONLY level, add a title screen, and an ending screen!

Gameplay: Again, the creator of this game had no idea what he was doing. You go around and collect bannannas, until there isn't any left, and then you kill the boss. Besides, to many bannanna's give you bowel upstruction, and the character didn't even show signs of that. How un-realistic can we get? How to Improve: Add mutiple levels, change the object of the game, work hard on level designs...and add a score or lives or something! Yeah...that's!
Graphics: Not much to say here, either. The graphics were pretty bad. You play a stick man who jumps on trees, who then kills a devil-butterfly thing. How to Improve: Take more time on the graphics and add shading.

Sound and Music: What sound and music?
Lastiblilty/Overall: I'm sorry to say that this won't last you even five minutes. This needs more work and proper planning to make it fun. This has potential, but right now its a disaster.

Sound and Music:

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