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Review: BananaDude
Author: ChrisB
Added: 26/05/2004

Personally, I didn't like the game much, but my friend Bob "HAXXER" Brown loved it - and since all of his static IPs were banned ages ago, I let him review the game. The review follows...

OLOL first, I must say, i loves this game and gives it huggles but I am <strike>biased</strike> NOT biased!! although i am shure you will love the game too of course it's BANANADUDE!!

in my humbel opnion the story is one of the most important parts of a game IMHO. this is a classic tale of revenge, but it isn't you who is the revenger, but the revenged as you are teh EVIL MONKEY MAN who pillaged the village and roxxored the butterflies' boxxers and other rhyming things. truly you are a bad monkey. the story is gripping and exciting, as you escape from the buttefly who is tryking to kill you. if teh daily click had a score for teh story i would give it 9 /10 , but they dont so i will use teh sound and music cos who really cares when they can listen to TEH LINKING PARK!! on mp3 players and sturf.

now thsi isn't as good as other games because it has no intero or fmvs that were always on teh consoles, but its and internet download so you can't expect too much. IHMO teh presentasions are nto as good as the GFX! but not bad. fore example you can run teh game from an icon!!1 a rarity becaus many games nedd a boot disk to play them. also this game has an icon which you dont see on dos agmes. truly this game makes teh most of gui. 8/1

in teh old days with "pong2 and "turtles the coin op" you didnt haev teh good graphics so game play aws important to earn teh cash. but because this game is freewware he earns no cash so the gameplay doesnt matter. anyone will play free poo.luckily this game has great gamepley - it even makes teh levels random each time you play, every time you play it it is a adifferent game. well not really but you get the idea. it is this feature taht makes it comperable to games like "e1337 space fronteir" and "caspar the freindly ghost". i give this 10/10 especially because i tis a free ware game and it dosnt haev to be good.

NOW remember what i sed about teh dos games. no graphics and good gameplay. well thsi has teh good graphics, cos it uses a gui as i said in teh presentaitons section. it also feaures vivid uses of colour and teh graphics are cartoon like. the whol game has a cell shaded look like the wind waker, but it has better gameplay and you dont ahve to play as a stupid boy who does cosplay. GET A LIFE!! anyways teh graphics are great quality, but teh cel shade look isnt for every taste. 9/10

as i said earlier teh gameplay si very good and this is important for teh alstability too. also the levels are random, so you can play it for hours and not get bored or cry. this is also a great game if you have been besmerched by a noobie on #hottub on dalnat, because it lets you escaep from teh noobies and dumb people on msn. so leave it installed it will last a long time. 9/10

i thoguth overalls are what teh builders waer, but obviously i am wrong. WHICH MAKES ACHANGE!! overall teh game is a fine game, considering it cost no monies. and that is a good feature because i never have monies!! being a haxxor is a hard work and doesnt pay well. but then crime doenst pay, so i cant be a criminel!! because i am a good haxor of course. anyawy the game gets 9/10 because it is free but the gameplays and graphics are very good. but not as good as myst, even though thats costs monies unless you dont use teh donkey like me.

i hope you enjoeyd my first review!!!!1 THIS REVIEW SI TEH COPYRIGHT OF BOB BROWN AND IF YOU ARE COPYING TEHREVIEW THEN I WILL HAXXOR YOU OR SUE YOU dpending on if you are a noob or noob! ROLF!!!1 hpefully thiswill not be my last review1!11 cya OLOL

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