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Review: The New SatanSam
Author: Keatontech!
Added: 25/02/2006

Sorry for the late review, I wanted to play it a bit more before reviewing it just to refresh my memory, and i got hooked and couldn't stop.
I don't know about anybody else, but I love this game! I think that it's one of the best games ever made in MMF! Anyway, it's presented very well. The gameplay is exelent and very addicting. The graphics are well shaded and look great. The sound effects and music are AWSOME. The Lastability is great, i could probably play it forever and not get bored. Overall I give TNSS 10 STARS!
I've never given any game such a good rating. This really shows what you can do with MMF. I'm amazed at the speed it runs with all of the effects and things. Man, I want to finish this fast so I can get back to it. Uhh, menu's are a bit confusing but overall they look good and all. Gameplay is simple and only uses 5 buttons! There are tons of levels that get harder as you go. Graphics look great and differ from world to world. The Music sounds great. The Sound effects immerse you in the game. There are multiple difficulty levels and all so it lasts a while. Uhh, simply put this game is awsome and very addicting and everybody should download it and give it a thumbs up.
Oh crap, i still have 253 characters left and i don't have anything to write and i want to get back to playing it and ... yay! only 143 more characters! ALMOST DONE! ALMOST THERE! ALMOST TIME TO PLAY TNSS MORE! 64 Characters LEFT! Who woulda though 1500 characters is so much? THE END

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Posted by Codemonkey 6th August, 2008



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