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Review: The New SatanSam
Author: W3R3W00F
Added: 20/04/2009

The presentation, I must say, is very impressive. It outshines every other completed click game so far, in my opinion.


TNSS' is nothing short of a basic platformer, but this one is surprisingly more addicting than most. Most of the boss battles usually don't involve too much strategy, rather than blasting/ slashing the s*** out of them. However, they are not to be underestimated- they are difficult, and put up quite a fight. There are four different ways to inflict pain upon your enemies- Elliot- your sword, a rocket launcher, Ki powers, or just Sam's basic abilities. In my opinion Eternal daughter cannot compare to The new Satan Sam, as TNSS is twice more fun than the 2002 click classic. 9/10

The graphics in the game could be called 'decent' by most people who don't realise that the game was styled entirely by ONE person on MMF2's rather limited drawing tool, but I, knowning that 2d means 2d and MMF2's lame art tool mean exactly that, particularly think the graphics are excellently made. The tile sets and backgrounds are incredible- for pixel art you could say it's basically top notch. 9/10

The mucic and sound effects are of very good quality- quite fit for a game of such. Musician Alex Pineapple did an outstanding job at composing every track in the game- all of which fit in with their enviroments perfectly. They were catchy, and not in the least bit repetitive. 8/10

Before I beat it I would play it at LEAST 3-4 hours a day. It lasted me four days before I completed such an epic game. And I enjoyed every second of it. 10/10

The new Satan Sam may have been made back in 2006, but the game is, nonetheless, still a near flawless gem, with the exception of maybe a few bugs here and there. However they can be overlooked and don't even affect gameplay in any way. James practically put his blood sweat and tears into this game and I wouldn't doubt he knew the future outcome- A genius game. I myself am a fan and I am looking forward to a port to a gaming console someday. 10/10 - Eternal daughter cannot compare to this Click phenomenon.

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Posted by Dr. James MD 20th April, 2009

Thank you very much mr. Wolf But it wasn't Piney who did the soundtrack, twas me.
Speaking of this I just found the source code so I might spruce it up in MMF2.
Posted by W3R3W00F 20th April, 2009


Well crap, I wish articles could be edited.

Anyways, you're very welcome. And glad to hear you found the source code too. There's alot of potential to be had withit.

Posted by MrPineapple 21st April, 2009

yeah i was nowhere to be seen when this game was being made... i was sort of AWOL from the internet at the time!
Posted by Dr. James MD 22nd April, 2009

Having only a cameo role along with a couple of other friends (well, R+ but thats because I didn't add him to Shikun (he would have unbalanced the game, he's a rugby player for christs sake!)).


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